The French Revolution - Section 4

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Council of Five Hundred
The lower half of the new Legislative Assembly.
Council of Ancients
The upper half of the new Legislative Assembly that had 250 members.
The chamber of executive office, with 5 members chosen by the Legislative Assembly.
"whiff of grapeshot"
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Clichy Club
Center of the royalists.
Count of Provence
Man regarded as Louis XVIII. He was the worst obstacle to the resurgence of royalism.
Declaration of Verona
Louis XVIII miserable attempt at trying to return to the "Old Regime."
Conspiracy of Equals
Formed by "Gracchus" Babeuf, their goal was to overthrow the Directory.
"Gracchus" Babeuf
Created the more extreme Conspiracy of Equals.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Young general who essentially took France by sheer will.
"Cisalpine" Republic
Created in the Po valley in Italy by Napoleon.
coup d'etat of Fructidor
Resolved issues of the French republic and helped set up conditions for peace.
Lazare Carnot
"Organizer of Victory," in the Committee of Public Safety.
treaty of Campo Formio
Helped create peace on the Continent.
Helvetic Republic
Swiss republic set up under French guidance.
Second Coalition
Alliance after the treaty of Campo Formio which included Austria, Russia, and Great Britain.
battle of the Nile
Battle that cut off French forces in Egypt, won by the British.
Marshal Suvorov
"Cisalpine" Republic destroyed by this man.
coup d'etat of Brumaire
Movement by Napoleon that usurped the First Consul by force.
The new form of the republic declared by Napoleon Bonaparte.
First Consul
Napoleon Bonaparte took this position in his Consulate.