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Blood has all of the following functions EXCEPT ______________________
A) nutrient transport.
B) temperature regulation.
C) clotting.
D) vitamin D production.
E) pH buffering.

vitamin D production

Early in human development, the first blood cell precursors form in __________________

the yolk sac

A deficiency of circulating leukocytes is called ___________________________


Antibodies belong to a class of plasma proteins called ___________________________

gamma globulins

Which of the following is NOT a component of hemostasis?
A) platelet plug formation
B) vasodilation
C) secretion of serotonin
D) conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin
E) secretion of platelet-derived growth factor


Any form of anemia that results from an excessive rate of erythrocyte destruction is classified as ________________________________

hemolytic anemia.

Which of the following is a characteristic of mature red blood cells?
A) They undergo mitosis.
B) They lack a nucleus.
C) They have numerous mitochondria.
D) They carry most of the carbon dioxide that is transported in the blood.

They lack a nucleus

Which cell is phagocytic?
A) basophil
B) macrophage
C) lymphocyte
D) platelet


What is a function of eosinophils?

They destroy body cells infected with viruses.

What is hemophilia?

It is an hereditary clotting disorder.

Macrophages develop from these precursor cells


What would be an indication that an individual is suffering from leukemia?

Examination of the blood reveals a large number of immature leukocytes

Low oxygen supply, such as one encountered at high altitude, may result in which of the following conditions?
A) mononucleosis
B) polycythemia
C) leukopenia
D) leukocytosis
E) hemolytic anemia


The fluid portion of blood is called?


An erythrocyte is discribed as having this shape

biconcave disc shaped

Normally the number of red blood cells in a cubic millimeter of blood is about how many?


Normally a red blood cell (erythrocyte) is about the same size as a ______________ lumen


The most common white blood cell (leukocyte) at about 60% is the ______________________ .


Which of the following leukocytes is NOT classified as a granulocyte?
A) neutrophil
B) basophil
C) eosinophil
D) monocyte


What is the name of the leukocyte, often seen in two sizes, that is described as having a small halo of cytoplasm and a round nucleus that fills the cell?


What is the name of the leukocyte that has a clear cytoplasm and a kidney-shaped nucleus?


Erythrocytes are filled with _______________

molecules of hemoglobin

The major function of the red blood cells is to transport __________________

Both oxygen and carbon dixoide are carried in rbc's

There are normally about 5 to 10 thousand _____________ per mm3 of blood.


These are cell fragments


These cell fragments are used to clot capillaries. What are they called?


The average life of a red blood cell is about _____________.

120 days

The least common white blood cell type found in the blood is the _____________.


The precursor of this cellular element is the megakaryocyte


Megakaryocytes are found in the _______________.

bone marrow

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