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U-stem preterite verbs

Preterite forms of poder, andar, saber, tener, estar, poner

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yo pude
I was able to
tú pudiste
you (my pal) were able to
él pudo
he was able to
nosotros pudimos
we were able to
vosotros pudisteis
you-all (Spain) were able to
ellos pudieron
they were able to
yo anduve
I walked, I rode
tú anduviste
you (my pal) walked / rode
ella anduvo
she walked / rode
nosotros anduvimos
we walked / rode
vosotros anduvisteis
you-all (inf.-Spain) walked / rode
ellos anduvierion
they walked / rode
yo supe
I found out
tú supiste
you (my pal) found out
Usted supo
you (singular-formal) found out
nosotros supimos
we found out
vosotros supisteis
you-all (inform.-Spain) found out
Ustedes supieron
you-all found out
yo tuve
I got/ received / had
ella tuvo
she got/ received / had
nosotros tuvimos
we got / received / had
vosotros tuvisteis
you-all (informal- Spain) got / received / had
ellos tuvieron
they got / received / had
yo estuve
I was
tú estuviste
you (my pal) were
Usted estuvo
you-formal sir/ma'am were
nosotros estuvimos
we were
vosotros estuvisteis
you-all (informal-Spain) were
ellos tuvieron
they were
yo puse
I put / set
tú pusiste
you (my pal) put / set
Usted puso
you ma'am/sir put /set
nosotros pusimos
we put /set
vosotros pusisteis
you-all (informal-Spain) put / set
ellos pusieron
they put / set

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