30 terms

Latin Perfixes 13-15

"not," "un"
illegible (adj.)
not legible; impossible or hard to read; undecipherable
illiterate (adj.)
not literate; unable to read; uneducated
illogical (adj.)
not logical; not observing the rules of logic (correct reasoning); irrational; fallacious
immaculate (adj.)
not spotted; absolutely clean; stainless
immature (adj.)
not mature; not fully grown or developed; young; childish
impunity (n.)
state of being not punished; freedom from punishment, harm, loss, etc.; immunity
inaccessible (adj.)
not accessible; unreachable; hard to get to; unapproachable
incessant (adj.)
not ceasing; continuing without interuption; interminable; ceaseless
inflexible (adj.)
not flexible; not easily bent; firm; unyielding
ingratitude (n.)
state of being not grateful; ungratefulness; lack of gratitude
inhospitable (adj.)
not hospitable; not showing kindness to guests and strangers; unfriendly
insoluble (adj.)
1. not soluble; incapable of being solved; unsolvable; irresolvable
2. not capable of being dissolved
irreconcilable (adj.)
not reconcilable; not able to be brought into friendly accord or compromise; incompatible
irrelevant (adj.)
not relevant; inapplicable; off the topic; extraneous
irrevocable (adj.)
not revocable; incapable of being recalled or revoked; unalterable; irreversible
"good," "well"
"evil," "ill," "bad," "badly"
benediction (n.)
blessing; good wishes; approbation
malediction (n.)
benefactor (n.)
person who gives kindly aid, money or a similar benefit
malefactor (n.)
offender; evildoer; criminal
beneficial (adj.)
productive of good; helpful; advantageous
beneficiary (n.)
person receiving some good, advantage or benefit
benevolent (adj.)
disposed to promote the welfare of others; kind; charitable
malevolent (adj.)
showing ill will; spiteful; malicious; vicious
maladjusted (adj.)
badly adjusted; out of harmony with one's environment
malice (n.)
ill will; intention or desire to harm another; enmity; malevolence
malnutrition (n.)
bad or faulty nutrition; poor nourishment
maltreat (v.)
treat badly or roughly; mistreat; abuse