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Chapter 19.3; Saving and Investing

There are a number of ways to save money. Putting a regular amount in a _______ can earn interest for the depositor.
savings account
Banks generally require a small minimum balance on this type of account
savings account
When people put a specific amount of money in a financial institution for a certain time period, they are investing in _____.
certificates of deposit (CDs)
_______ are certificates of deposit issued by the government.
The people employed by brokerage houses where stocks are bought and sold are known as ____.
Brokerage houses are members of a _______.
stock exchange
Many people buy _____ because they are less risky than regular stock purchases.
mutual funds
__________ are mutual funds that buy short-term bonds.
money market funds
________ funds are not insured by the government.
money market
Saving money is not the same as investing money. Investing money involves earning __________.
When you invest your money it is used for expansion in the _________.
U.S. economy
People want to feel that their money is safe in financial institutions, which is one reason why all banks must receive a ___________ from the state or federal government to operate.
The ____ is the agency that the federal government established during the 1930's to regulate the stock exchange.
securities and exchange commission (SEC)