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All the New Vocabulary characters (生词) from Lesson 18, Book 2 of "Chinese Made Easier", second edition. Plus some terms and sentences from my teachers to enhance the subject. The exact definition from the book is listed first then I added *** to separate other definitions that you may use over time.


【shízai】[ADVERB / STATIVE VERB] - really; truly; to be down to earth; *** true; real; honest; dependable; indeed; honestly; in fact; as a matter of fact.

【bàng】[STATIVE VERB] - fantastic; *** stick; club; cudgel; <informal> good (fine; excellent; strong).


【shūfu】[STATIVE VERB] - comfortable; to feel well; *** be well.


【bù shūfu】[EXPRESSION] - to be unwell; "under the weather".


【qǐchuáng】[VERB-OBJECT] - to get out of bed; *** get up.


【qǐlái】[ACTION VERB] - to arise (from sleep); to get up; *** stand up; sit up; rise to one's feet; get up; get out of bed; rise; arise; revolt.

【chuáng】[NOUN] - bed; *** sth. shaped like a bed. Measure: 张【zhāng】

【gèng】[ADVERB] - more / still more; SV-; *** even more; further; furthermore; what is more.

【zuì】[ADVERB] - the most; -est ; (= the superlative).


【Aòdàlìyà】[PLACE WORD] - Australia.

【duō】[NUMBER] - over; plus; more than; *** many; much; more; more than the correct or the required number; too many; excessive; too much; more over; odd; much more; far more.


【jiǎndān】[STATIVE VERB] - simple; concise.


【yóutiāo】[NOUN] - deep-fried twisted dough sticks. Measure: 根【gēn】.


【dòujiāng】[NOUN] - soya-bean milk. Measure: 碗【wǎn】.


【xǐzǎo】[VERB-OBJECT] - to take a bath/shower; *** bathe.

【xǐ】[ACTION VERB] - to wash; *** bathe; <religion> baptize; redress; right; kill and loot; sack; develop (a film); shuffle (cards; etc.).


【tèbié】[ADVERB/STATIVE VERB] - specially / special; destinctive; *** particular; out of the ordinary; especially; particularly; going out of one's way to (do sth.); specially.


【xiǎoxīn】[VERB / STATIVE VERB] - to take care; to be careful; *** be cautious.


【suíbiàn】[STATIVE VERB] - to be casual & carefree. [VERB / ADVERB] - to do as one pleases; *** careless; slipshod; wanton; wilful; arbitrary; anyhow; any.


【suíbiàn nǐ】[EXPRESSION] - Just as you wish / like.

【cái】[ADVERB] - not until; then and only then; (i.e. later than expected); *** ability; talent; capable person; people of a certain type.


【shēngqì】[STATIVE VERB / VERB OBJECT] - to be angry; to get angry; *** take offence; life; vitality.


【zhòngyào】[STATIVE VERB] - important; *** significant; major.


【suīrán】[MOVABLE ADVERB] - <conj.> although; *** though.

【tóu】[SPECIFIER] - first (in a series) *** head; hair or hair style; top; end; beginning or end; remnant; end; chief; side; aspect; first; leading; previous; last; <dialect> before; prior to.


【gǎnkuài】[ADVERB] - to make haste; to hurry (to do something); *** at once; quickly.


【gǎnjǐn】 [ADVERB] - to make haste; to hurry (to do something); *** lose no time; hasten.

【chǎo】[STATIVE VERB / VERB] - noisy / to disturb others (by noise); make a noise; quarrel; wrangle; squabble.


【gānjìng】[STATIVE VERB] - clean; *** neat and tidy.

【zāng】[STATIVE VERB] - dirty; *** filthy.


【chúqu】[ACTION VERB] - to go out; *** get out.


【kàn diànshì】[VERB-OBJECT] - to watch television / TV.


【diànshì】[NOUN] - television; TV.


【diànshìjī】[NOUN] - television set.

【jī】[NOUN] - machine; engine; aircraft; airplane; crucial point; pivot; key link; chance; occasion; opportunity; organic; flexible; quick-witted.


【guàngjiē】[VERB-OBJECT] - to go window shopping.

【guàng】[ACTION VERB] - to wander about (e.g. stores); to roam around; *** stroll; ramble.

【zhàn】[ACTION VERB] - to stand; *** be on one's feet; take a stand; stop; halt; station; stop; station or centre for rendering certain services.

【shuì】[ACTION VERB] - to go to sleep; to sleep.


【shuìjiào】[VERB-OBJECT] - to sleep (for a period of time).

【ài】[VERB / AUXILLARY VERB] - to love / love to; *** affection; like; be fond of; be keen on; cherish; treasure; hold dear; take good care of; be apt to; be in the habit of.


【xīwàng】[AUXILLARY VERB] - hope that; hope for; expect that [NOUN] - hope; expectation; *** wish; expect.

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