Feelings and emotions

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go crazy(verb) become very excited about somethinginspired by(adj) given fresh ideas, confidence and enthusiasminterested in(adj) wanting to give your attention to something and discover more about itinvolved in(adj) participating inirritated(adj) showing or feeling slight angerjealous(adj) wanting what someone else hasjealousy(noun) the feeling of wanting what someone else haskeen on(adj) interested inlaugh(verb) make spontaneous sounds and movements which express amusementnegative about(adj) see something as badnervous(adj) worried, anxiousobsessed with(adj) too interested or worried about somethingproud(adj) pleased with yourself or someone elseserious about(adj) not joking; showing commitment to something after considerationstressed about(adj) worried and not able to relaxtired(adj) not having enough energyanger(noun) a strong feeling of displeasure