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Sumerians used levees,canals& dams to?

Control the amount of water in the valley.

The groups of Sumerians listed below are evidence of what part of Sumerian civilization? metalwork, architects,musicians


Whose duty was it to do these jobs: build temples, lead the army and enforce laws?

The kings

Ancient Sumerians invented irrigation system and plows. What did theses to inventions help provide?

A steady supply of food.

What did the sumerians invent to improve farming?


The sumerians invented something that made it possible for their armies to use chariots. What was it?


Who did Sumerians believe lived in ziggurats?


What evidence shows that Sumerians were not prehistoric?

Written Laws

what evidence shows that Sumerian society developed after the stone age?

Copper Blades

What ancient Sumerians would say: I live in two story house near the center of the city. I like to throw parties where my guests eat from gold plates.

A governmet official

The upper class common class evidence of sumer´s...

Social structure

What was the sumerian´s written language called?

Cunei form

Which statement shows how sumerian religion& government were connected?

Sumerians believed that the king got power from gods.

What was the first plow made of?


What legitimized sumerian kings´power?

The belief that gods chose the kings

To develop and maintain irrigation system, Sumerians had to....

Work together more

What do historians call sumer´s walled settlements?

City State

Why were food shortages occuring by 5000 bce in the zagros foothills?

Population growth

What was the biggest problem Sumerians farmers faced in the plains?

Uncontrolled water supply

Based on its name what do you know about mesopotamia?

It is located between two rivers

What change caused by farming in northern mesopotamia led people to move south and onto the plains?

The population increased and there wasn´t enough food

Sumerians used levees, canals, and dams to ....

Control the amount of water in the valley

What happened when people from many villages used sumerian irrigation system?

People in the villages had to work together to take care of the system.

Why were sumerian settlements called city state?

Each settlement had its own ruler and farmland

Why didn´t sumerians continue living in small villages as their ancestors had?

They had to work together to maintain the irrigation system.

What made it harder to live in sumer than in the zagros foothills when the water suplly conflict started?

Sumer lacked natural barries to keep out enemies.


land between two rivers


An area in the southern part of mesopotamia, where cities first appeared

Sumerian city state

A self governing state in the geografic region of sumer consisting of a city and surrounding territory

Irrigation system

A means of supplying land with water


Ancient people who lived in the geographic region of sumer


A wall of earth built to prevent a river from flooding its bank

The euphrates

Longest river in southwestern asia


An artificial lake where water is collected and kept in quantity for use


Loose sedimentary material with rock particles usually very small in diameter


A deep wide trench around the walls of a castle or fortress usually filled with water and used for protection

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