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world history

Who are Queen Elizabeth i's Parents?
King Henry VIII of England and Anne Boleyn
Who are queen elizabeths half siblings?
King Edward VI and Queen Mary I
What was Anne Boelyn exicuted for?
treason, adultery and incest
What religion did Elizabeth change England to?
Anglican Protestant
Treaty of Edinberg
peace treaty, signed in 1328 between the Kingdoms of England and Scotland.
Why did Mary have Elizabeth put in jail?
Mary was suspicious of Elizabeth and thought she might be the inspiration for plots against her.
Wife of Robert dudley?
Amy Robsart
What does elizabeth pledge?
to support the french Huguenots
St Bartholomew's Day massacre
where French Protestants were massacred by French Catholics in Paris
The Spanish Armada
132 ships is defeated by the English fleet of 34 ships
Acts of Supremacy
granted King Henry VIII of England, in charge of the church
Act of Uniformity
set the order of prayer to be used in the English Book of Common Prayer.