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Maintaining electrolyte balance

regulate sodium and potassium balance (excrete potassium in exchange for sodium retention)
Adrenal glands
secrete aldosterone, which influences sodium and potassium balance in the kidneys.
Hypothalamus and posterior pituitary
produce and secrete antidiuretic hormone causing water retention, which affects solute concentration
thyroid gland
secrets calcitonin, which prevents calcium release from the bone
parathyroid glands
secrete parathyroid hormone, which draws calcium into the blood and helps move phosphorous to the kidneys for excretion
Sweat gland
Excrete sodium, potassium, chloride, and water in sweat
lungs and livers
regulate sodium and water balance and blood pressure
secretes ANP, causing sodium excretion
GI tract
Absorbs and excretes fluids and electrolytes