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ANFS111 Biosecurity


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all in all out
flocks come in together and leave together
Closed herd/flock
animals are isolated and breed within their own herd/flock
An inanimate object that can transmit disease by indirect contact.
any animal brought into a facility
herd/flock kept away from the rest of the farm
Organic matter
remains of something that was once alive ex. dirt, mud, leaves, etc
Personal Protective Equipment
Specialized clothing or equipment, worn for protection against infectious materials (PPE)
any living thing that transmits disease
I am a disease vector
We can bring diseases to or from places and transmit them to animals/people/other places
Structural biosecurity
deals with the physical factors like farm layout, fencing, draining, etc.
Operational biosecurity
the steps taken like processes, protocol, management practices, etc.
biosecurity is this type of technique
Low risk to high risk
order that should be followed when visiting a facility
concerns of different species on the farm
different management process and the animals could cross paths
mixing vessels in other organisms
not enough space
isolation and closed flocks
strategies to reduce risk during animal introductions
How UD biosecurity can improve
keep gates closed and have people check in
have an area to isolate new animals
car wash
How duct tape is used when putting on PPE
to close openings and create a tighter seal between ankles and wrists
contaminants wont go in grass
purpose of standing in a kiddie pool when removing PPE
1st item to take off
respiratory/eye wear/hairnet
Last item to take off
citric acid with water
disinfectant used in the foot bath
gets rid of the 1st 90% of organic matter/bacteria/etc.
gets rid of the remaining 10% of organic matter/bacteria/etc.