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CIS 555 Final Exam


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To use Tableau to analyze data, the raw data must be in the _____ form?
To present an agenda of a conference, _____ is a better tool?
The eloquence in simplicity is a general rule in business communications. Which of the following is correct?
All of the above
The main advantage of using a graph is?
It can reveal patterns and trends
The main advantage of using a table is?
It shows precise values and easily to look up.
If precise values are expected by your audience, _____ is a better tool
Which of the following is correct about identifying categorical and quantitative data?
Quantitative data are measured values
A bad practice of using table or graph is to put too many details in one place. ____ is a commonly known reason for this practice?
The presenter wants to show the audience his/her hard work
Pre-attentive visual processing is?
Rapid and subconscious
The process of seeing is done by eyes quickly jumping and fixating. It takes about _____ to jump to the next point of fixation
1/4 second
The _____ color system present a color by mixing the 3 basic colors
One important feature of working memory is?
It is temporary
In the center of the retina is a small area called the _____ by which our eyes can fixate on a particular spot and remain there for up to 1/2 second
The 3 types of memory in our brains are?
Iconic, working and long-term memory
About _____ of the sense receptors in our bodies are dedicated to vision
People intuitively group objects by their physical distance. This is called _____ in the Gestalt principles
Principle of proximity
A bullet graph is used when you are?
Evaluating the performance of a metric against a goal
A _____ chart illustrates the start and finish dates of a project, showing what needs to be done and by when
The Tableau software can easily generate map chart when?
The data set contains geographical variables such as state, name, zip code, or longitude/latitude values
Fill pattern is not recommended to visualize categorical data because?
It causes visual uncomfortableness to many people
Nominal comparison can better visualized with?
Bar chart
We would use a _____ chart when we want to visualize a sequence of values and display trends over time
To highlight information in a visualization, you should emphasize non-data ink
Using enclosure in a visualization can indicate?
Grouping and highlighting information (both a and b)
The steps involved in organizing a visualization includes?
Group, prioritize and sequence
To exam that a visual component is necessary, an analyst can ask the question?
Would the data suffer any loss of meaning if the component were removed?
Which of the following is not a good way to assign importance by using of quantitatively perceived visual attributes in a graph?
Thicker grid lines
You can highlight important information in tables by?
Boldfaced text
Which of the following is not a good way to emphasize the data-ink?
Add 8-10 bright colors to the chart
An example of reducing unnecessary data-ink is removing unnecessary grid lines.
Which of the following is not a good way of assigning importance with the help of visual attributes in contrast to the norm?
Numbering all the tables in the visual
Ink presenting information compared to the total amount of ink used is called?
Data-ink ratio
Which of the following is correct about the role of Data Visualization tools in business analytics frameworks?
DV is front-end tool in analytics framework and its value creation depends on high quality data supply