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  1. reflex
  2. consider
  3. compete
  4. ability
  5. honor
  1. a an instant response to something
  2. b antonym for disgrace
  3. c Animals possess a natural __________ to protect their young.
  4. d Will you _______________ my request to go to the movies?
  5. e when you participate in a game

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  1. antonym for brash
  2. to respect what someone has to say
  3. synonym for elude
  4. I ___________ the foods that I am allergic to.
  5. synonym for ability

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  1. briefsynonym for aptitude


  2. delightfulsomeone who is shy in social settings


  3. delightfulsomeone who is shy in social settings


  4. briefThe thunderstorm was___________ so we didn't get too wet.


  5. remarkan instant response to something