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Micro Biology HU Spring 2014: Pathogen Test

Pathogen flash cards and preparation
Bacillus anthracis
(Bacteria) Endospore-forming rod; causes Anthrax
Bacillus cereus
(Bacteria) Endospore-forming rod; causes food poisoning
Bacteroides gingivalis
(Bacteria) Anaerobic rod; causes Periodontal disease
Bacteroides fragilis
(Bacteria) Anaerobic rod; causes Sepsis/Normal flora in gut.
Bordetella pertussis
(Bacteria) Coccobacillus; causes Pertussis/whooping cough.
Borrelia burgdorferi
(Bacteria) spirilli; causes Lyme disease
Campylobacter jujuni
(Bacteria) Curved rod - associated with chicken industry; causes Gastroenteritis
Chlamydia trachomatis
(Bacteria) Obligate intracellular cocci; causes Conjunctivitis, Lymphogranuloma venereum, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), and urethritis
Closetridium botulinum
(Bacteria) Endospore-forming anaerobe; causes food poisoning
Closetridium difficile
(Bacteria) Endospore-forming anaerobe; causes antibiotic-associated pseudomembranous colitis
Closetridium tetani
(Bacteria) Endospore-forming anaerobe; causes tetanus
Closetridium perfringens
(Bacteria) Endospore-forming anaerobe; causes gas gangrene
Corynebacterium diphtheriae
(Bacteria) Gram positive pleomorphic rod; causes diphtheria
Enterococcus faecalis
(Bacteria) Causes UTI and endocarditis
Escherichia coli
(Bacteria) Gram negative enteric, many different strains; causes diarrheal infections, meningitis, UTI, and sepsis.
Haemophilus influenza
(Bacteria) Coccobacillus; causes meningitis, upper respiratory infections
Helicobacter pylori
(Bacteria) Curved rod' causes peptic ulcers and gastritis
Klebsiella pneumonia
(Bacteria) Gram negative enteric; causes pneumonia and UTIs
Listeria monocytogenes
(Bacteria) Gram positive intracellular bacilli, contaminated dairy products; causes listeriosis
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
(Bacteria) Acid fast rod; causes tuberculosis, becoming increasingly antibiotic resistant
Mycoplasma pneumonia
(Bacteria) Small, lack cell wall; causes atypical pneumonia
Neisseria gonorrhoeae
(Bacteria) Diplococci; causes conjunctivitis, gonorrhea, PID, and urethritis
Neisseria meningitides
(Bacteria) Diplococci; causes meningitis
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
(Bacteria) Gram negative rod, typically multidrug resistant; causes conjunctivitis, folliculitis, UTI, burn and respiratory infections
Rickettsia rickettsii
(Bacteria) Coccobacilli; causes Rocky Mountain Spotted fever
Rochalimaea henselae
(Bacteria) Coccobacilli; causes Cat Scratch Fever
Salmonella enteritidis
(Bacteria) Enteric rod; causes salmonellosis - food poisoning
Salmonella typhi
(Bacteria) Enteric rod; causes typhoid fever
Shigella sp.
(Bacteria) Enteric rod (Low infectious dose); causes shigellosis - bacillary dysentery
Staphylococcus aureus
(Bacteria) Gram positive cocci in clusters; causes abscesses, endocarditis, food poisoning, osteomyelitis, pericarditis, pneumonia, toxic shock syndrome
Streptococcus agalactiae
(Bacteria) Group B Streptococcus; causes neonatal meningitis, pneumonia, sepsis, postpardum endometritis
Streptococcus mutans
(Bacteria) Causes dental caries
Streptococcus pneumonia
(Bacteria) Gram positive diplococci; causes pneumococcal pneumonia, meningitis
Streptococcus pyogenes
(Bacteria) Group A Streptococcus; causes childbed fever, endocarditis, glomerulonephritis, impetigo, pharyngitis
Treponema pallidum
(Bacteria) Causes Syphilus
Yersinia pestis
(Bacteria) Plague