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Chapter 4 (Recognizing)

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Meaning they have been focused on men and men's experiences at the exclusion of women's experiences
Is when one group, takes over a territory formerly under the control of another group
The European contact with and exploitation and domination of the native peoples of Africa, Asia, and the America's
Cultural Genocide
Which refers to efforts to destroy the culture of a group of people
Where one group believes its culture is superior to the cultures of other groups
Refers to the societal norms and expectations associated with the behavior of men and women
Gendered Racism
Refers to the ways that gender is also raced: that the expectations about appropriate behavior for males and females vary along racial lines and that minority women face discrimination because they are both women and racial minorities
The deliberate and systematic attempt at the eradication of a group of people
Hidden Transcript
The actions and interactions that occur outside the gaze of members of the dominant group that the public transcript
Public Transcript
Which are the actions and interactions that subordinate groups engage in while in the presence of the dominant group that make them appear to accept their subordination
Racial Democracy
All racial groups share in our democracy and thus hold at least a minimum of political power
Racial Dictatorship
As our democratic principles seem contrary to the idea of a form of government in which a small group of people hold absolute power
Racialization of State Policy
To describe how government policies have impaired the ability of blacks to accumulate wealth and facilitated white wealth accumulation, with slavery being the most blatant example
Refers to how people express themselves as sexual beings
Social Mobility
Their opportunities for economic advancement, and their chances of moving into a higher social class
Exaggerated and/or simplified portrayals of an entire group of people based upon misinformation or mischaracterizations
Group inequality