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plasma membrane
To initiate a signal transduction pathway, a signal binds to a receptor protein usually located in the
joining to only one specific type of amino acid
Which of the following is a function of a tRNA molecule?
uses each strand of a DNA molecule as a template for the creation of a new strand
DNA replication
shorten the time necessary for DNA replication
Multiple origins of replication on the DNA molecules of eukaryotic cells serve to
amino acids
What does "transfer RNA" actually transfer?
transcription occurs in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells
Which of the following statements regarding the flow of genetic information is false?
The normal protein will be produced
Normal genes have a promoter followed by a start codon. In a mutant, the "A" in the start codon has been deleted. Which of the following is not a possible outcome?
In some cats, black coat color (B) is dominant over brown (b) and a striped fur pattern (S) is dominant over a marbled fur pattern(s). You rescued a black striped cat from an animal shelter but could not determine its exact genotype. To do so, you mated the cat with a brown barbed cate. The mating produced 3 brown marbled, 2 brown striped, 2 black marbled, and 3 black striped. Immediately, you concluded the genotype of your rescued cat was
genes are located on
Substances are often packaged into small _____ from transport, either through the membrane or throughout the interior of the cell
the rough endoplasmic reticulum
An immune system cell called the plasma cell produces thousands of antibodies per second for release into the body. What type of intracellular structure would you expect to be very prominent within the cell?
there are at least two groups, one of which does not receive the experimental treatment
A controlled experiment is one in which
the sequence of amino acids
To a large extent, a protein's function is dependent upon its shape. What determines a protein's shape?
A single PR protein is composed of four identical polypeptide chains that act together to bind DNA. What is the highest level of protein structure that the PR proteins have?
DNA remains in the nucleus at all times; RNA is produced in the nucleus but then leaves the nucleus
Which of the following statements is correct regarding DNA and RNA?
The pH is below normal because the buffering capacity was exceeded
A diabetic, who does not utilize insulin properly, will metabolize fats instead of glucose. A condition called diabetic ketoacidosis is a common result of excessive fat metabolic, causing blood pH values of 7.1 or less. What has happened to the blood pH and why?
You measure the quantity of the appropriate pre-mRNA in various cell types and find they are all the same
You are given an experimental problem involving control of a gene's expression in the embryo of a particular species. One of your first questions is whether the gene's expression is controlled at the level of transcription or translation. Which of the following experiments might best give you an answer?
an assembled ribosome with a polypeptide attached to the tRNA in the P site
When the ribosome reaches a stop codon on the mRNA, no corresponding tRNA enters the A site. If the translation reaction were to be experimentally stopped at this point, which of the following sets of structures would you be able to isolate from the cell?
feedback inhibition
Many physiological conditions are related to particular proteins in cell membranes. The number of insulin receptors in membranes is related to the amount of insulin present around those cells. If the presence of increased insulin results in a decrease in receptors and a decrease in insulin results in an increase in insulin receptors, this would be an example of
both insertions and deletions
What type of mutation leads to a frameshift in the reading of DNA?
the pH of the inter membrane space changes
As electrons move through the mitochondrial space
transcribed genes, an operator, and a promoter
A gene operon consists of
not: DNA polymerase
Which of the following enzymes catalyzes the production of a strand of RNA from DNA?
is carried by electrons
During cellular respiration, energy in glucose
The start codon can be different depending on what kind of protein is to be translated
Which of the following statements is false?
Not: end capping
Which of the following is not a modification to the mRNA?
Not: required to turn on gene expression when transcription factors are in short supply
Enhancers are
Compare nucleotide sequences of promoters from similar frog and human genes
You are interested in designing an experiment to test the hypothesis that frogs use the same genetic code as humans. Which of the following experiments would not give you useful data to test this hypothesis?
homologous or nonsister chromatids
At a chiasma, two ____ are attached to each other
What is the correct flow of information in gene expression?
The sequence of amino acids
To a large extent, a protein's function is dependent upon its shape. What determines a protein's shape?
cell division will be increased
The figure below shows a normal cell transduction pathway. If the receptor weren't there, which of the following is the most likely outcome?
Not: are required for the expression of specific protein-encoding genes
In eukaryotes, general transcription factors
The amino acid will bind covalently
The tRNA shown in Figure 14.5 has its 3' end projecting beyond its 5' end. What will occur at the 3' end?
Not: The type of PR proteins used in the experiment
Supposed that the team of scientists conducted the following experiment: They mixed the PR proteins with DNA in a test tube and measured the amount of protein that bound to the DNA after 10 minutes under variable amounts of light. What was the independent variable in their experiment?
allowing the organism to adjust to changes in environmental conditions
Altering patterns of gene expression in prokaryotes would most likely contribute to the organism's survival in which of the following ways?