22 terms

get and take and more auxilliary verbs

Took to
I _______ Vodka
Take in
I can't _____ what he's saying
Took part in
I _____ a competition
Took my breath away
The palace _______ when I saw it
Taking off
Ipods and android phones are really ________ .
Get stuck
The coin might_____
Get into trouble
If you're violent, you might
Get a shock
If you're friend is arrested, you might
Get it right
If you guess the answer, you might
Get away
If you try to catch a mouse, it might
Get it cut
If your hair is too long, you might
Get your photo taken
If you need a passport, you have to
Get ready
Before you go out, you need to
Get help
If you have a problem, you might
Get a present
If it's your birthday you might
A police (car)_____ .
Get cold
If you don't wear a coat, you might
Get a cold
If you sneeze on someone, they might
Has she?!
Ola's been arrested!!
I like vodka but my wife ___
Is it?
It's not surprising,___
get used to
foreigners would find it hard to _______ the language