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ad-serving cookie

tracks your activities at any site containing banner ads from that third party

flash cookie

(also called local shared object)is the flash equivalent of a conventional Web cookie.

web bug

(or clear GIF) is typically a 1x1 pixel graphic embedded in a Web page or e-mail message.


type of security software designed to identify and nuetralize web bugs, ad-serving cookies, and other spyware.

anonymous proxy service

uses an intermediary, or proxy, server to relay web page requests after masking the originating IP addres


an exploit that redirects users to fake sites by "poisoning" a domain name server with a false IP address


unwanted electronic junk mail about medical products, low cost loans, and fake software upgrades that arrive in you online mailbox

spam filter

type of utility software that captures unsolidated email messages before they reach your inbox

e-mail authentication

verify that e-mail messages originate from the internet domain from which they claim to have been sent


e-mail based scam that's designed to persuade you to reveal confidential information such as your bank account number or social security number

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