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Modern science

repeatable, observable experiments, can prove

historical science

look at evidence and make assumptions about what happened in the past, cannot prove

Geological reference in the bible

"the foundations of the great deep sea burst forth"

Marcel Duchamp

Nude descending a staircase

moral absolute

evolutionists do not have it you can only have it if there was a creator


hebrew meaning for day

ernest haeckal

drew the embrios to look the same when in real life they are different

michael richardson

proved the embrios false

proof that fossilised quickly

predators, erosion, decay


a body of ideas that reflect the beliefs and interests of a nation, political system and underlies political actions


a scientific account of the world in terms of causes and natural forces rejecting all supernatural and spiritual explainations

natural selection

a process resulting in the survival of those individuals from a population of animals or plants that are best adopted to the prevailing enviroment conditions. The survivers tend to produce more offspring than those less well adapted so the compostion of the population is changed.

The British Mueseum of Natural history

Who Dr. Patterson wrote in his book to.

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