ch 11 psych.2

disorder in which the person does not fully resolve the conflict in a particular psychosexual stage, resulting in personality traits and behavior associated with that earlier stage
oral stage
first stage occurring in the first year of life in which the mouth is the erogenous zone and weaning is the primary conflict
anal stage
second stage occurring from about 1-3 years of age, in which the anus is the erogenous zone and toilet training is the source of conflict
anal expulsize personality
a person fixated in the anal stage who is messy, destructive and hostile
anal retentive personality
a person fixated in the anal stage who is neat, fussy, stingy, and stubborn
phallic stage
third stage occurring from about 3-6 years of age, in which the child discovers sexual feelings
oedipus complex
situation occurring in the phallic stage in which a child develops a sexual attraction to the opposite-sex parent and jealousy of the same-sex parent
defense mechanism in which a person tries to become like someone else to deal with anxiety
fourth stage occurring during the school years, in which the sexual feelings of the child are repressed while the child develops in other ways
freuds term for both the theory of personality and the therapy based on it
followers of freud who developed their own competing psychodynamic theories
personal unconscious
jungs name for the unconsious mind as described by freud
colllective unconscious
jungs name for the memories shared by all members of the human species
jungs collective, universal human memories
basic anxiety
anxiety created when a child is born into the bigger and more powerful world of older children and adults
neurotic personalities
personalities typified by maladaptive ways of dealing iwth relationships in horney's theory