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ANFS111 Milk Quality


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Raw Milk
milk that has not been pasteurized
Bulk Tank
cooling tank on the farm where raw milk is held until it is picked up
the heat treatment of milk to reduce bacterial content; required for legal sale of milk in most states
a bacterial infection of the mammary gland
Clinical Mastitis
cow is showing symptoms (abnormal milk and/or abnormal quarter)
Subclinical Mastitis
the cow is not showing symptoms but has an elevated somatic cell count
California Mastitis Test (CMT)
an on-farm test used to diagnose cows with subclinical mastitis
Somatic Cell Count (SCC)
estimates the white blood cells in milk and reflects mastitis incidence
Standard Plate Count (SPC)
estimates the total number of viable aerobic bacteria in raw milk
redness, sensitivity, cottage cheese milk
changes in the udder or the milk of a cow with mastitis
milk is discarded
how milk is handled when the cow is on antibiotics
why is a dairy farmer so concerned about the quality of the herd's milk
milk system and cows
2 main sources of bacteria in the bulk tank
steps taken to prevent bacterial growth
cleaning after milking, cooler temperatures, the milk stays for no more than 2 days
the milk becomes clumpy or gels
how to tell if a cow has mastitis when performing a California Mastitis Test
how the CMT works
take milk from each teat and add a CMT solution in separate dishes for each teat and get results
who conducts antibiotic residue tests