Chapter 9 Biology Quiz


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What are the three stages of cellular respiration?
-glycolysis, krebs cycle, electron transport chain
-takes place in the mitochondria
-Electron Transport Center produces the most ATP
Aerobic respiration
oxygen is needed for cells to breakdown sugar as far as possible
Anaerobic respiration
has 2 forms without oxygen
2 types of fermentation
alcoholic and lactic acid
Lactic Acid Fermentation
glucose-lactic acid
Alcoholic Fermentation
What causes you to gain weight?
by intaking more calories than you're burning, and intaking more CO2
What causes you to lose weight?
by burning more calories than you're intaking, and inhaling more CO2
What does your body use glucose for?
is in our bloodstream nd is used for energy
How is energy transferred from food to ATP?
to breakdown food and transfer the energy in the bonds of food to the bonds in ATP
What happens to the energy not used to make ATP?
that energy is then stored
Cellular respiration equation
what happens to CO2 and O2 during cellular respiration?
CO2 increases and O2 decreases
How does cellular respiration rate change during exercise?
during exercise more oxygen is needed for cellular respiration
How does the electron transport chain produce ATP?
Electrons from NADH are what produce ATP
What is the role of NADH and FADH2?
are molecules affixed on electrons that go into the inner membrane of the mitochondria and travel through the electron transport chain. Then to realize the electrons with is a lot of energy