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ANFS111 One Health


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The collaborative effort of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally, and globally to attain optimal health for people, animals, and our environment
Human-Animal Interface
how humans interact with animals
Zoonotic Disease
disease that can be passed between animals and humans
biosafety level
Organic Chicken
be allowed outside, cannot be fed GMOs, cannot be given antibiotics
Avian Influenza
main purpose of the Allen Lab is the research of this disease
what BSL level is the Allen Lab
colony collapse disorder
3 castes of worker bees
worker bees (females), queen bee, drones (males)
development stages of a bee
egg, larvae, pupa
when honey is capped (hardened on top)
how a beekeeper knows that honey is ready to harden
most significant pest of bees
how many pounds of honey a colony needs to survive the winter
wetlands near poultry
wetlands absorb nutrients from manure (good) but attract water fowl (bad)
can spread avian influenza
Why are water fowl a concern for poultry health
consequences of free range or organic chickens
airborne, disease, pecking at dirt, and predators
air and humans
2 ways infectious diseases can enter the poultry barn