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At Bronson, we believe: Diversity is what makes each of us unique and inclusion is to embrace, respect and value diversity without judgment, bias, or stereotype


1. Describe an experience where you've had to either work with or provide customer service to someone who was different from you. What did you do to make that interaction successful?


2. We've all had times when we've felt "left out" or as if we didn't belong. Tell us about time when you had to work within an environment where you felt left out and you knew it was because you were different?


3. How have you handled a situation when a coworker was not accepting of others' diversity?


4. What unique perspectives and/or experiences would you bring to Bronson?

security different types of patent, age group

5. What have you done to support diversity in your unit?


6. What measures have you taken to make someone feel comfortable in an environment that was obviously uncomfortable with his or her presence?


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