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Cardio physio

the resistance against which blood is ejected from the heart
Estimated from aortic pressure during ejection (LV) or pulmonary artery pressure during ejection (RV)
arterio-venous oxygen difference
O2 a- O2v
the volume of a vascular structure
Cardiac output
the amount of blood pumped from either ventricle in one minute (L/min)
cardiac index
Cardiac output divided by body weight (L/(minxKg))
central venous pressure
the pressure at the entrance to the right atrium
force of contraction
affecting heart rate
change in volume per unit change in pressure
diastolic filling time
time available for filling of ventricles during diastole
affecting conduction velocity
ejection fraction
stroke volume divided by end-diastolic volume; an index of contractility
end-diastolic volume
volume of blood in the ventricle just before it begins to contract
end-systolic volume
volume of blood remaing in ventricles at the end of systole
the difference in concentration of oxygen (dissolved plus bound to hgb) or of any solute between arterial and venous blood
frank-starling law
increasing end diastolic volume leads to increased force of ventricular contraction up to a peak value; increased preload leads to increased stroke volume
heart rate
the number of heart beats per minute
affecting the strength of contraction (contractility) of the heart
affecting the rate of relaxation of the heart
mean arterial pressure
average arterial blood pressure
the degree to which the myocardium is stretched just before contraction
estimated from CVP (RV) or PCWP (LV)
pressure-volume work
in the heart, work done to pump the stroke volume against arterial pressure
pulse pressure
difference between systolic and diastolic arterial pressures
vascular resistance
pressure gradient divided by flow; a calculated ratio (not directly measurable)
stroke volume
the volume of blood ejected by a ventricle in one heartbeat (EDV-ESV)
total peripheral resistance
the resistance to blood flow offered by the entire systemic vascular bed
total peripheral resistance