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definition of a tragic hero

Aristotle based his definition of Tragedy and the Tragic model on Oedipus ex which he considered to the the perfect Tragic Model.
arete (greatness)
the tragic hero must be good and virtuous person of high standing
hamartia (tragic flaw)
the tragic hero is a good man who suffers from a tragic flaw or error in judgment (often hubris) that leads to his downfall
peripeteia (reversal of fortune)
as a result of the hero's mistake of flaw, he experiences a reversal of fortune
anagnorsis (recognition or enlightenment)
the hero grows from ignorance to enlightenment. He recognizes and realizes his mistakes or error and judgement, and the truth is finally revealed
pathos (pity)
as a result of all that has transpired, the hero suffers, and we feel pity for him because he is a s good and decent man
catharsis (emotional release)
when all is revealed and the truth is known, the fear and tension are released. There is emotional release felt by both the characters and the audience