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Chapter 12

NREM sleep normally exhibits four distinct stages, which appear to alternate.
Petit mal seizures found in children generally go away with age.
NREM sleep episodes are frequently associated with erection of the penis.
A flat EEG is a good indication of deep sleep.
Theta waves are a brain wave pattern that can be seen during deep sleep and during anesthesia.
One disorder of the substantia nigra is Parkinsonʹs disease.
Cell bodies of the somatic motor neurons of the spinal nerves are located in the ventral horn of the spinal cord.
Meningitis is the most accurate term for inflammation of neurons.
The spinal cord ends at the level of L1.
Cerebrospinal fluid circulates within the ventricles of the brain and in the subarachnoid space outside the brain.
The terms fainting and syncope describe the same thing.
The RAS is comprised of specific pathways primarily in the limbic system.
Nondeclarative memories preserve the context in which they are learned.
The first obvious sign that the nervous system is forming in the embryo is the thickening of the surface ectoderm to form the neural plate.
The left cerebral hemisphere is usually dominant.
The limbic system acts as our emotional, or affective, brain.
The canal connecting the third and fourth ventricles and running through the midbrain is the foramen of Monro.
Commissural fibers form the corpus striatum.
A disturbance of posture, muscle tremors at rest, and uncontrolled muscle contraction are all symptoms of damage to the basal nuclei.
Projection fibers in the brain connect the right and left hemispheres.
Most of the ascending and descending pathways to and from the brain cross over from one side of the body to the other.
The primary visual cortex contains a map of visual space.
One functional center found within the medulla oblongata is a respiratory center involved in the control of the rate and depth of breathing.
Sorting of sensory information and relaying it to the appropriate cerebral sensory area occurs in the hypothalamus.
Sensory areas of the cortex for the genitals are located deep in the postcentral gyrus.
Embryonic damage to the mesencephalon could result in improper formation of the midbrain.
are involved in the emotional aspects of perception
The nonspecific ascending pathways ________.
The superchiasmatic nucleus is found in the ________.
Nuclei of cranial nerves V, VI, and VII are found in the ________.
cerebellar white matter
The arbor vitae refers to ________.
midbrain, medulla, and pons
The brain stem consists of the ________.
temporal lobe
The primary auditory cortex is located in the ________.
carry proprioceptive inputs to the cerebellum
Spinocerebellar tracts ________.
inside, white matter on the outside, and a ventral motor root
The spinal cord has gray matter on the ________.
arachnoid and pia
The subarachnoid space lies between what two layers of meninges?
The vital centers for the control of heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure are located in the ________.
the dorsal root ganglia of the spinal cord
Cell bodies of the sensory neurons of the spinal nerves are located in ________.
longitudinal fissure
The fissure separating the cerebral hemispheres is the ________.
emotional impact
The limbic association area of the multimodal association areas provides our ________.
A shallow groove on the surface of the cortex is called a ________.
is formed mostly by the choroid plexuses
The cerebrospinal fluid ________.
the spinal cord may be affected
If the posterior portion of the neural tube failed to develop properly ________.
frontal from parietal
The central sulcus separates which lobes?
lateral spinothalamic
Neural tracts that convey life-saving information to the brain concerning burning pain would be ________.
fiber tracts
Which of these would you not find in the cerebral cortex?
is the thermostat of the body since it regulates temperature
The hypothalamus ________.
myelinated and unmyelinated nerve fibers
The white matter of the spinal cord contains ________.
A lateral tract in the spinal cord would be ________.
An individual accidentally transected the spinal cord between T1 and L1. This would result in ________.
upper motor neurons
Spastic paralysis suggests involvement of the ________.
Ridges of tissue on the surface of the cerebral hemispheres are called ________.
lateral sulcus
The frontal lobe is separated from the temporal lobe by the ________.
structurally distinct cortical areas
Brodmannʹs numbering refers to ________.
pyramidal and corticospinal
Two terms for the massive motor tracts serving voluntary movement are ________.
visual association area
An individual who could trace a picture of a bicycle with his or her finger but could not recognize it as a bicycle is most likely to have sustained damage to the ________.
is considered a motor speech area
Brocaʹs area ________.
corresponding areas of the two hemispheres
The function of commissures is to connect ________.
metabolic waste such as urea
The blood-brain barrier is effective against ________.
substantia nigra
Which of the following is not part of the basal nuclei?
caudate nucleus
All of the following are structures of the limbic system except the ________.
third ventricle
Which of the following is not a midbrain structure?
The process of linking new facts with old facts already stored in the memory bank is called ________.
indicates a normal frequency range of 1-30 Hz
An electroencephalogram ________.
reticular formation
The brain area that regulates activities that control the state of wakefulness or alertness of the cerebral cortex is the ________.
red blood cells
Which of the following would you not find in normal cerebrospinal fluid?
temporary skeletal muscle paralysis, except for the extrinsic eye muscles
REM sleep is associated with ________.
slurred speech
Mr. Hom was injured in an accident that completely severed his spinal cord at the level of T12. You would expect to find all of the following except ________.
loss of proprioception
Injury to the hypothalamus may result in all of the following except ________.
contains the anterior and posterior spinocerebellar tracts
White matter of the spinal cord ________.
Despite some neuronal loss, changing synaptic connections support additional learning throughout life.
Which statement about aging is most accurate?
Which association is most accurate?
reflects the number of neurons firing synchronously
Brain wave amplitude ________.
mammillary body
Declarative memory is not stored in the ________.
has symptoms that are the opposite of Parkinsonʹs disease
Huntingtonʹs disease ________.
skill learning
The corpus striatum plays a special role in ________.
is facilitated by the release of norepinephrine
Storing information in long-term memory ________.
vestibular nuclei
Important nuclei of the indirect (multineural) system that receive impulses from the equilibrium apparatus of the inner ear and help to maintain balance by varying muscle tone of postural muscles are the ________.
Which of the following structures is probably not directly involved in memory?
visceral sensory area
The area of the cortex that is responsible for sensations of the full bladder and the feeling that your lungs will burst when you hold your breath too long is the ________.
Coma is defined as total unresponsiveness to stimuli for a long period of time.
Which statement about coma is true?
Parkinsonʹs disease
Tremor at rest, shuffling gait, stooped posture, and expressionless face are characteristics of ________.
Which is the mildest consequence of traumatic brain injury?
is the ability to learn specific information
Declarative memory ________.
red nuclei
Which of the following is/are involved with motor activity (either initiation or coordination)?
Stage 4 sleep increases in old age.
Which statement is not true?
Epilepsy is often genetically induced but also frequently caused by head trauma, stroke, infection, and tumor.
Which statement about epilepsy is most accurate?
cerebral cortex
White matter (myelinated fibers) is found in all of the following locations, with the exception of the ________.
Second-order neurons of both the specific and nonspecific ascending pathways terminate in the ________.
premotor cortex
Loss of ability to perform skilled motor activities such as piano playing, with no paralysis or weakness in specific muscles, might suggest damage to the ________.
________ waves are not normal for adults but are common for children.