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English File Advanced - Time (PLIMAT)


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Don't ___ time writing notes, just take a photo!
I managed to find a shortcut to ___ time.
I had hours to wait until my train arrived so I read some magazines in order to ___ time.
Don't worry guys, no rush, just ___ your time.
make up for lost
I didn't get the chance to travel when I was younger so now I'm going round the world to ___ ___ ___ ___ time!
takes a long
Learning English properly ____ a ____ time!
give us a hard
If we don't practice these quizlet cards, Sam will ____ us ___ ___ ___!
takes up all
Having three kids ____ ____ ____ my time. (consumes)
the time of my life
When I was 16 I had ___ time ___ ___ ___ working as a barman in Ibiza!
run out of
That's it 3 minutes is up! I'm afraid you've ___ ___ ___ time!
to spare
I had 60 minutes to write the essay but I managed to finish with time ___ ___
the whole time
If you spend the ___ time on your phone, you'll become lazy and uninspired!
short of
Can we finish early today? I'm a bit ____ ____ time.
on his hands
My dad's retired now so he's got plenty of time ___ ___ ___.
for the time being
I would suggest that we don't change anything ___ ___ time ___ - let's just keep things the same for now.
a matter of
I'd say it's only ___ ___ ___ time before you all become fluent in English!

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