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Expressions with 'time' (English File Advanced File 5A p165)


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waste time
use time badly

Don't ___ ____ writing notes, just take a photo!
save time
find a way to do something more quickly

I managed to find a shortcut to ___ ____.
kill time
do something to keep you busy while you're waiting for something else

I had hours to wait until my train arrived so I read some magazines in order to ___ ____.
take your time
use as much time as you need without hurrying

Don't worry guys, no rush, just ___ ____ ____.
make up for lost time
to do something quickly or very often because you wish you had started doing it sooner

I didn't get the chance to travel when I was younger so now I'm going round the world to ___ ___ ___ ___ ____!
takes a long time
Learning English properly ____ ____ ____ _____!
give us a hard time
to deliberately make a situation difficult and unpleasant for somebody

If we don't practice these quizlet cards, Sam will ____ us ___ ___ ___!
spare the time
find time to do something (normally negative - because you're busy!)

I would like to go camping this weekend, but my final exams are next week, so I can't _____ ____ _____.
takes up all my time
fills your time, meaning there is no time for anything else

Having three kids ____ ____ ____ _____ ______.
the time of my life
enjoy yourself very much (informal)

When I was 16 I had ___ time ___ ___ ___ working as a barman in Ibiza!
spend too long
pass too much time doing sth

I don't want to ______ _____ _____ at the museum, because otherwise we'll miss our train.
run out of time
not have any time left

That's it 3 minutes is up! I'm afraid you've ______ ___ ______ _____!
with time to spare
finishing before your time limit is over

I had 60 minutes to write the essay but I managed to finish ____ _____ ___ ___
the whole time
during the whole of a particular period of time

If you spend ____ ___ ____ on your phone, you'll become lazy and uninspired!
Time's up!
no more time is available

______ _____! You have to put your pens down now.
I'm short of time
I don't have enough time to do something

Can we finish early today? ______ a bit ____ ____ _____.
time on his hands
have nothing to do, not be busy

My dad's retired now so he's got plenty of _____ ___ ___ ___.
for the time being
for a short period of time but not permanently

I would suggest that we don't change anything ___ ___ ____ ___ - let's just keep things the same for now.
a matter of time
used to say that something will definitely happen, although you are not sure when

I'd say it's only ___ ___ ___ time before you all become fluent in English!
me time
time alone

I need a bit of _____ _____.
There isn't much time left.
said when you need to finish something because the deadline is approaching

I need to submit my tax return tomorrow. Can you help me? _______ _______ ______ _____ _____ and I don't understand it.
this time next week
for talking about or predicting the future

I can't wait for my holiday! _____ _____ _____ _____ I'll be lying in the beach!
it's about time (you did sth)
used to say that something should have happened before now

You should do something now - ______ _____ _____ you started going to the gym.
taking or needing a lot of time

It's quite ___________ having to catch each penguin individually!
on time
at exactly the correct time

I'm really punctual, so I hate it when people aren't _____ ______.
before my time
happening before you were born or can remember or before you lived, worked, etc. somewhere

I've never heard of that actor. He must have been _____ ____ _____.
by the time
used for saying what has already happened at the time that something else happens

_____ ____ ____ we got back to the hotel it was nearly midnight.
at the time
used for saying that two or more things happen together

I missed the birth of my first child. I was on a plane _____ the time.
time off
time away from your job, education or other responsibilities; a break

He's been working too hard recently. He needs some time _____.
in time
not late; with enough time to be able to do something

If we don't get a taxi, we won't get to the airport _____ time.
from time to time

I don't eat out very often, but I do get a takeaway _____ _____ _____ ______.
at times

He suffers from back pain and it makes him a little irritable _____ _______.
from 10 to 2
to describe a period of time, specifying the beginning and end

You can come to my house any time _____ _____ _____ ______.
behind the times
old-fashioned in your ideas, methods, etc.

He's a bit _____ _____ _____ - he still thinks men should wear a suit and tie at work.
at a time
separately or in groups of one, two, three, etc. on each occasion

Don't try to multitask. Just do one thing _____ _____ ______.
He went up the stairs two _____ ___ ______.