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Sphenoid bone

The foramen rotundum and foramen ovale are both found in the____ Bone


The hard palate is made of the _____and Maxillae


The Bones of the Cranium that are single are the _____ occipital,frontal,and sphenoid

Temporal Bone

The zygomatic process is a landmark of the

Ethmoid bone

The _____ has the perpendicular plate as one of its landmarks. It forms the superior portion of the nasal septum.


In nursery school we called the ____ the anvil.


In nursery school we called the _____ the hammer.

Maxillary bones

The bones of the face that are paired are the _____,nasal zygoma,lacrimal,palatine,and inferior concha.

Superior concha

The inferior concha along with the middle and_______ concha of the ethmoid bone cause turbulence in the air that enters the nasal chambers. this is important because it aids in filtering, moistening, and warming the air that is about to enter the lungs.


Two bones that are paired as a fetus and become single in the adult are the Frontal and the ____.

Hyoid bone

The mandible and the _____ bone look alot alike because they have common origins.

Ethmoid bone

The _______ has the perpendicular plate as one of its landmarks. It forms the superior portion of the nasal septum

Zygomatic bone

The temporal process is a landmark of the _______

Mandibular fossa

The ____ is the landmark of the temporal bone where the condyloid process of the mandible articulates


The mandible, frontal and the ____ are single bones of the face in the adult human

sphenoid bone

the pterygoid process is a land mark of the _____bone

Malleus,Incus, stapes

The three interconnected but moveable bones of the middle ear are

Maxillary,mandible, Alveolar processes

The two ________ bones and the _____ bone have _____ which contain teeth


The only bone considered both cranial and facial is the ___

Frontal,ethmoid, sphenoid bones

Anterior fossa of the cranium

Rounded,blunt edges , sharp edges

the orbit margins of a male are ____and have ____while the orbit margins of a female have

Broad, tends to beU shaped. narrow , tends to be shaped like a parabola

The palate of a male is _____and _____ while the palate of a female is ____ and _______.

Less than 125 , greater than 125

The angle of a male mandible is _____ while a female is ____

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