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Between 1500 and 1800, China remained a mostly ____ society.


However, the Chinese ______ was changing.


A long period of peace under the Qing dynasty and improvements in the food supply led to a large increase in ______.


espite the growth in trade and manufacturing China did not develop the kind of commercial _____ that was emerging in Europe


Chinese society was organized around the ______.


the ideal family unit in Qing China was the extended family, with as many as three or four _________ living under the same roof.


Beyond the extended family was the ______, consisting of dozens or even hundreds of related families.


Women who had bound feet were more _______ than those who did not.


A new form of literature, the ____ arose during the Ming dynasty.


the _____ Lotus depicts the corrupt life of a wealthy landlord in the Ming period who cruelly manipulates those around him for sex, money, and power.

The Dream of the Red Chamber

__________ by Cao Xuegin, is generally considered even today to be China's most distinguished popular novel

Imperial City

The most outstanding example of Ming dynasty architecture is the _______ in Beijing.


The Imperial City includes a maze of private apartments and offices, as well as stately halls for ______ audiences and banquests and spacious gardens


Perhaps the most famous of all the arts of the Ming Era was blue and white _________


______ admired the beauty of this porcelain and collected it in great quantities

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