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  1. estar con el alma en un hilo / en vilo
  2. estar como el pez en el agua
  3. echarselas de
  4. estar en las nubes
  5. estar de mas / de sobra
  1. a to be in excess
  2. b to fancy oneself as, to boast of being
  3. c to be in suspense
  4. d to be right at home
  5. e to be in the clouds, daydreaming

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  1. to be soaked to the skin
  2. to be flat broke
  3. to blame
  4. to flatter, sweet-talk
  5. its clear

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  1. estar loco de atar / de remateto be in excess


  2. esta nubladoits cloudy


  3. echar la bronca a unoto blame


  4. estar fuera de sito have one's head in the clouds


  5. estar hecho polvoto get worn out


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