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  1. echar a perder
  2. estar hecho polvo
  3. estar a sus anchas
  4. estar sin blanca
  5. echarselas de
  1. a to ruin, to spoil
  2. b to be flat broke
  3. c to fancy oneself as, to boast of being
  4. d to be comfortable
  5. e to get worn out

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  1. its cloudy
  2. to be in excess
  3. to get soacked
  4. to start to
  5. to flatter, sweet-talk

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  1. estar calado / mojado hasta los huesosto be soaked to the skin


  2. echar chispasto flatter, sweet-talk


  3. estar en las nubesto be in the clouds, daydreaming


  4. estar como el pez en el aguato be right at home


  5. estar en la lunato have one's head in the clouds