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Setting of Poet X
Neighborhood in Harlem, N.Y.
- 15 years old
- Sophomore (15)
- Catches people attention (physical appearance)
- "too much body for a little girl"
- Compared to twin (he is somewhat of a "perfect
- Blamed for a lot of issues
- Looking for her identity/ voice in her community
- Favorite snack is apples
- Dominican
- Friends with Caridad, twin, Aman
- Tough, ready to fight and use her fists
- bottles up her emotions and feels and doesn't have
Twin (Xavier)
- Intelligent
- "Perfect child"
- Does not defend himself
- 30 min older then Xiomara
- Goes to special school
- Bullied for suspected homosexuality
- Xiomara's lab partner
- Shorter than X
- Likes to listen to music with Xiomara in the park
-First boy Xiomara likes
-Smokes a lot of weed
-Good listener and encourages Xiomara to read her poetry
-pushes X to be confident w/herself and makes her feel beautiful
-Like/talks about music
-Only has a father
- Xiomara's bff
- Opposite personality of Xiomara
- Religious (recites bible verses)
- Mami and Papi's dream child
-X and Twin's best friend
-very religious and obedient
-acts as an adult and looks after Xiomara and the "boy" she likes
Father Sean
- Head priest
- Religious
- West Indian accent
- Strict (Wants to deepen the relationship with God, which is a serious matter)
- Patient
- Understanding
- Wanted to be a fighter
-teaches confirmation class
-thinks something is up with X
-Wanted to become a boxer
Ms. Galiano
- Young
- Pronounces Xiomara's name right on the first try and therefor Xiomara is impressed with her
- "Carries herself big" avoids any assumptions made about her
- Created the Poetry Club
- Petite
- Supportive
- Caring
- Wears bright colors
-Pushes X to have a voice and speak her poetry
-X feels confident and heard with her
-Acts as a mother figure towards X and helps her with personal issues
- Overly religious
- Having a child was a miracle, changing her parents into being more serious and religious
- Wanted to be a Nun, but was forced to marry because she had hope that they would go to the United States
-mean to X, but likes Twin
-seems ashamed of who X is
- Was interested in hanging out at the bodega until he had children
- Forced marriage
- Works for transit authority
- Eats at the table everyday and watches TV in the living room
- Loves twins straight A's
- "Just because your father is present doesn't mean he is not absent"(65)
-Quiet and mysterious
-reclusive and goes with the flow
-from Dominican Republic
-Doesn't seem as religious
-Mami obeys/listens to him
-Is a genius and goes to a specialized, fancy school different from Xiomara
-Very responsible, but doesn't stand up for himself
-Mami likes him a lot
-Is gay and dates Cody
-Is close and distant with X
Lennie Small
-large, animal-like, childlike, migrant worker---gentle giant
-depends completely on George
-Both have a vision to live on a beautiful farm with rabbits
-Loves petting soft things (mice, rabbits, puppies, dresses, hair)
-doesn't know his strength
-Isn't cut out for this world
-kills Curley's wife on accident, so he dies
George Milton
-small, quick-witted, wiry, who travels with and cares for Lennie
-Protects Lennie, but also gets mad at him a lot
-Also has vision about living on a nice farm
-Impatient and sympathetic at times
-kills Lennie at the end for his own good as Lennie
-says the quote about traveling alone and getting mean and lonely
-jerk line skinner
-"prince" of the ranch
-carries a lot of respect and knowledge- people often turn to him for advice
-comforts George at the end of the book as he also understands companionship
- tall, skinny, ageless, confident, respectful, quiet, kind Man
- skilled mule driver
- respected on the ranch
- others look to him for advice
- comforts George
-Curley's father
-fairly nice
-appears only once
-well dressed man in charge
Curley's wife
-dresses in fancy red colored clothes (not meant for a ranch)
-the "apple" from genesis as she temps Lennie and other men
-men think she is a tramp
- real name never mentioned
-she "could've been in shows", but her mom didn't let her
-dreams of a better life
-is distant with her husband
- "tart" dresses in fancy, flirty, a temptation for the men, recently married, lives w/ boss, lonely, racist
-son of the ranch owner
-wears high-heeled boots to distinguish himself from the ranch hands
-champion prize-fighter
-mean-spirited and picks fights
-possessive, suspicious and jealous of his wife
-is distant of his wife
-orders that Lennie needs to be killed
- jealous, rude, insecure, picks fights
-ranch hand
-complains about Candy's dog
-convinces Candy to kill the dog and offers to do it himself
-also wants to kill Lennie
-doesn't understand the meaning of friendship
- Powerful
- owns a gun
-old swamper
-lost his hand in an accident
-has an old, smelly dog, who is shot by Carlson
-Is in on the plan about living on a nice farm with George and Lennie and offers some of his life savings
-His relationship with his dog reflects G and L and his misery foreshadows L's death
- works as a swamper at the ranch
-named after his crooked back from an accident
-at first doesn't care much for Lennie, but then likes him
- An African American Man
- Born in CA
- lived on a 10 archers chicken ranch as a child
- likes to read/ educates himself
- lives in the stable
- likes his own personal space
- is afraid to make new friends because of he is afraid of being hurt
- lonely and low-self esteem
Romeo Montague
-The son and heir of Lord Montague -Lady Montague
-He kills Tybalt and Paris
-gets banished from Verona
-Has weird dreams that foreshadow what will happen
-Hopeless romantic, unlike others
-Falls in love with Juliet and will do anything for her
Juliet Capulet
-The daughter of Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet
-She loves Romeo
-Supposed to Marry Paris
-only 13 years old
-in the beginning, very obedient, but then is not at the end of the book
-has a great relationship with the Nurse, and not so much her mom
-kills herself, as Romeo kills himself
Tybalt Capulet
-Lady Capulet's nephew
-Juliet's cousin
-likes to cause trouble and fight
-kills Mercutio
-gets killed by Romeo
-can try and win over Juliet's heart and ask for her hand in marriage
-is found outside of Juliet's tomb and gets killed by Romeo
-gets along with Lord Capulet
Lord and Lady Capulet
-Juliet's parents who despise Montague's
-want Juliet to marry Paris
-Lady is distant with Juliet
Juliet's faithful friend who is really close with Juliet
-She's in on the plan to help Juliet's affair with Romeo
-Cries the most at Juliet's "funeral"
Friar Lawrence
-a Catholic priest and pharmacist
-trusted friend of both Romeo and Juliet
-He is considered wise and an advocate of self-control
-he secretly marries Romeo and Juliet hoping that the marriage brings peace to Verona
-helps come up with the plan for Juliet and gives her the "poison"
-gets quarantined so he cant send the new message about Juliet to Romeo
-Montague's nephew
-Romeo's cousin and thoughtful friend
-not about violence and doesn't want people to fight
-He spends most of the play trying to help Romeo get his mind off Rosaline
-Find a swan to forget about the crow
Prince Escalus
-Prince of Verona
-Banishes Romeo
-says if there's any more fighting, then there will be consequences (death, banishment)
-A kinsman to the Prince
-Romeo's close friend
-Likes to fight also
-gets killed by Tybalt
-Has a speech about Queen Mab and gets frightened about it
Lord and Lady Montague
-Romeo's parents
Of Mice and Men
John Steinbeck, Novel
The Poet X
Elizabeth Acevedo, Novel
Romeo & Juliet
William Shakespeare, Tragedy/Play
A Jellyfish
Marianne Moore, Poem
They Shut Me Up In Prose
Emily Dickinson, Poem
To a Mouse
Robert Burns, Poem
Genesis 1,2,3,Cain & Abel
The Bible
Hope is the thing with feathers
Emily Dickinson poem
Ode to the Apple
Pablo Neruda, Poem
Ode to French Fries
Pablo Neruda, Poem
Prologue- Romeo & Juliet
William Shakespear
A reference to another work of literature, person, or event
A serious form of drama dealing with the downfall of a heroic or noble character
a verse form consisting of 14 lines with a fixed rhyme scheme about love
A comparison of two unlike things using like or as
A comparison of two unlike things without using like or as
A figure of speech in which an object or animal is given human feelings, thoughts, or attitudes
describing one kind of sensation in terms of another ("a loud color", "a sweet sound")
A figure of speech that combines opposite or contradictory terms in a brief phrase.
Repetition of initial consonant sounds
Repetition of a vowel sound within two or more words in close proximity
A play on words
A word that imitates the sound it represents.
Ecphonesis O
an O indicating an emotional, exclamatory phrase Ex: O Caesar, these things are beyond all use
extreme exaggeration
A statement that says less than what is meant
Large, gentle and kind, childlike migrant worker, completly depends on George, loves animals and soft things, doesn't understand his own strength, dreams to live on a farm and wants own rabbits with George
Small, strong, and grown up, cares for Lennie, working to get money to buy a farm
The Boss
A little stockey Man, owns the ranch, father of Curley, anger issues
Aunt Clara
Lennie's aunt, cared for him until her death, gave him mice to pet
ranch hand