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this is the reading quiz for friday (tomorrow)

what is the secret desire of a young boy's heart?

the secret desire of a young boy's heart is to be a hero

how does the author describe adversity and sorrow?

it is often a hard road-a road hedged in with the thorns of adversity and strewn with the blood-red flowers of sorrow

what is the setting of the novel?

the setting in in Poland in the beginning of World War II

describe Rudi's mother and father

Rudi's mother was Swedish. She died of a disease when Rudi was very young. Rudi's father was a strong figure and a good dad. He was a doctor and a Jew

what did Rudi inherit from each parent?

Rudi inherited Swedish looks from the mom and he father's stature

why are those characteristics?

Rudi wasn't in as much danger because he looked Swedish because Swedish don't look like Jews

who is Rudi best friend?

Rudi's best friend was Salek

according to his friend, what was happening to the German Jews?

the German Jews were being persecuted

why would Rudi and his dad stand a better chance than others if the Nazi's invaded Poland?

Rudi and his dad would stand a better chance than others because they believe in the same God as Hitler

what kind of school does Selak attend?

Salek attends Jewish school

why is it so ironic that Salek's father chose that particular school for his son?

Salek's father chose Salek that school because he didn't like Christian-Jews

why was school being dismissed indefinitely?

school was being dismissed because the Nazis were going to attack Warsaw

who were the Tartars?

the Tartars were Barbarian Soldiers

what is a battering ram?

a battering ram is a log type thing that is use to push down walls

why did the trumpeter stay in the tower?

the trumpeter stayed in the tower because he made an oath to watch over the city

what happened to the trumpeter?

the trumpeter was shot to death

why did the teacher read the story to the students?

the teacher read the story so the students will be more loyal to their country

"for the song still lives in the heart of every noble Polish patriot." what does this quote mean?

this quote means that the Polish are loyal to their country

why did Rudi feel like a coward?

Rudi felt like a coward because he thought that he was the only one afraid

do you think Rudi is a coward? why or why not?

no, because he was brave

how did Rudi's mom insure that he would"know" her, even though she was dying when he was very young?

Rudi's mom wrote letters to him that he is supposed to receive on every birthday

why were the boys helping dig trenches at the edge of town?

the boys were helping because so they can slow down the troops that were going to attack

what were Jacob Kaplan's and Eyrk Serdusek's professions?

Jacob Kaplan was a doctor and Eyrk was a lawyer

what did the air raid signal mean?

the air raid signal meant the city was being attacked

why did Salek ask Rudi not to tell his father that he was afraid?

Salek did not want Rudi to tell his father because he didn't want his father to know that he was afraid

what did Rudi's father ask to do?

Rudi's father ask him to get blankets

how was the little girl injured?

the litttle girl was injured because she got shot

what did Rudi do to help

Rudi helped her by talking to her and putting a blanket over her body

what has fallen?

the whole country of Polland

what does this mean for the country?

Hitler is now in control of the country

whose hands are they in, according to Rudi's father?

they're in God's hands

why is there a food shortage?

German's weren't giving any food and the stores were all shut down

what did the Germans ask for from the Jewish Council?

they ask for a list that contained all of the Jewish people

why did the Germans want it?

they wanted to take all the Jews to concentration camp

what did the Germans demand before they marched into Warsaw?

they wanted to be noticed

what must everyone turn in to he Germans? why?

they must turn in their radios so they won't have get information from anyone else

how did Rudi describe some of the German soldiers?

unfeeling people, so white they looked like stone

what realization did Rudi have at the end of chapter 5?

nothing is ever going to be the same

how did dr. kaplan prepare to leave his apartment?

he put stuff in his jackets and clothing

why didnt the Germans want the Serdusek's home

they live in all Jewish neighbor neighborhood

what does dr. kaplan say is the real reason for Hitler's devilish actions?

his pride

what mistake in Rudi's thinking does dr. kaplan correct?

Rudi thinks that Hitler evil but dr. kaplan corrected him saying that anyone could end up like him

what does the Bible say will happen to those that are prideful?

they're gonna fall and realize that they have nothing

where will Rudi and his father live now?

in an abandoned old office building

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