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  1. Jugular
  2. Lymph nodes
  3. Hemoglobin
  4. Thrombocytes
  5. Neutrophils
  1. a these structures are scattered along the course of lymphatic vessels which serve as filters and act as one of the first body defenses against infection
  2. b also called blood platelets
  3. c found in the red blood cell and responsible for its ability to transport oxygen
  4. d superficial veins along the neck of all animals
  5. e a type of white blood cell used in the first line of defense against infection by engulfing the bacteria or necrotic tissue

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  1. also called the right A-V valve
  2. heartbeat originates in the _____ of the heart
  3. also called the mitral valve
  4. Ig stands for
  5. another name for white blood cells

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  1. Bilirubinthe most abundant protein in plasma


  2. Alkalosiswhen too much CO2 is in the blood this condition results


  3. Caudal vena cavashock caused by histamine release in reaction to allergic response


  4. Systolerefers to the contraction of a chamber of the heart (phase)


  5. Differential leukocyte countanother name for white blood cells