Science Fusion Grade 4: Unit 3 - Plants and Animals

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GerminationThe process when a small root and stem begin to grow out of a seed (sprouting of a seed).MaturityThe stage at which an organism can reproduce.PollinationThe transfer of pollen from one flower to another flower.SeedThe plant structure that contains a young plant inside a protective coveringSporeA reproductive structure of some plants, such as mosses and ferns, that can form a new plant.Complete metamorphosisAn animal goes through four stages in its life cycle. Egg, larvae, pupa, and adult.Incomplete metamorphosisAnimals that have three stages in their life cycles. Egg, nymph, and adult.LarvaThe second stage in complete metamorphosis. It looks like a worm.NymphThe second stage in incomplete metamorphosis. It looks like a tiny adult.PupaThe stage in complete metamorphosis in which the larva develops into an adult.Physical adaptationAn adaptation to a body part to help it survive.InstinctA behavior an animal is born knowing how to do to help it survive.Behavioral adaptationSomething an animal does to help it survive.AdaptationA characteristic that helps a living thing survive.EnvironmentAll the living and nonliving things that surround and affect an organism

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