34 terms


How long does it take for you to recover from headlight glare?
7 secs
blood alcohol level
what do rectangular white signs with red or black letters contain what information?
traffic regulations
when approaching an intersection..
go to the right to which cars have already entered the intersection
when you have the opertuinity for lanes of passing you should..
pass on the left, passing on the right can be dangerous
How far away do you have to be from a fire hydrant?
10 feet
How far away do you have to be from crosswalk?
15 feet
How far do you need to be looking ahead?
20-30 secs
What are the two blind spots?
the center post and the back of the car
When should you switch out of high beam when your approaching a car?
500 feet
When should you switch out of high beam when your following a car?
300 feet
When should you use low beams?
in fog, snow, or heavy rain
What is the safest speed?
Which ever speed you have control of
Whats the speed limit outside any business or residential area?
45 mph
Whats the speed limit in a business, or residential district?
25 mph
Whats the speed limit while driving by a school?
15 mph
On a wet road what should you do?
slow down 5 to 10 mph
On a packed snow road what should you do?
Slow down to half speed
On a road full of ice what should you do?
slow to a crawl
When your going 50 mph it takes ___ feet to stop
188 feet
What do warning signs look like?
yellow and diamond shape
Whats a good cushion behind a car to react?
3 to 4 secs
Automobiles get ___% better mileage at 55 mph than at 70 mph
What is the difference between a solid line on the roadway an a broken one?
solid, don't pass. broken, you can pass
How should you proceed when approaching a traffic circle?
caution and 15 mph
When changing lanes safely what should you do?
If you hare having car trouble and you have to stop what should you do?
pull right
When behind trucks, tractor trailers and buses what should you keep in mind?
don't tail cate and keep 3 feet behind them
When passing a bicyclist how much room should you give them?
3 feet
What is hydroplaning
its when you are driving on wet roads and you feel like you have water skis
Avoiding collisions you have three options
1. stop quickly 2. turn quickly 3. speed up quickly
can seat belts keep you stay alert?
How many people die each year in motor vehicle accidents in the US?
45,000 people
When operating your car in ice or snow it takes how many times as much time to stop?
3 to 12 times