canterbury tales character quiz

chivalry, honor, courtesy, battle, fought, sovereign, distinuished, fine horses, rank, armor
lover, cadet, 20yrs old, agility,, strength, win his lady's grace, fluting, fresh, knew the way to ride a horse,loved hotly, courteous
arrows, had sheathed hung by his belt, mighty bow, woodcraft, bow-string, spear sharp, hunting horn, forester
nun (prioress)
greatest oath, madam eglantyne, intoning through her nose, spoke in french, paris style, meat/ morsel/ dip, courtliness, eating!, counterfeit a courtly grace, seem dignified, had dogs, sentiment, elegant, big forehead, coral trinket, gaudies
festive fellow, mellow, fixed up marriages, noble pillar of his order, loved by people where he lived and girls with $ and honor, confessions, priestly, license from pope,shrift, absolution for a gift,gifts, inword smart, prayer, pocketknives for pretty girls, sang, knew the taverns well, dealt with scum, anywhere a profit would come, finest beggar,holy how-d'ye-do, income came,like a puppy,for a small fee, chloistered scholar, swelling folds, his dress, lisped, hubert
hunting was his sport, aboot able, dainty horse, chapel bell, as old and strict he tended to ignore,took the modern world;s most spacious way, hunters are not holy men, cloisters, austin, his sleeves were garnished with fur, bald head, fat priest, eyes never settled
white beard, sanguine man, lived for pleasure, epicurus' son, saint julian (known for hospitality), tells about how he has foods for each season, places laid, as sheriff he checked every audit/ entry
guild fraternity, trim and fresh gear, made w/ purest silver, guild hall, alderman/burgess, capital and revenue, wives wanted to be called madam, mantle carried like a queen
distinguish London ale by flavor, roast/seethe/broil/fry, ulcer on his knee
from dartmouth, woolen gown, tan, excellent fellow, drawn at bordeaux, enemy vessel sank, waked the plank, tides, currents, beard in many tempest, owned a barge
flemish beaver hat, buckled boots, told of how he never lost, the sea, currency change, none knew he was in dept, bargain and commercial obligation, chaucer doesnt know his name
oxford cleric
horse was thin, not too fat, hollow look, thread was bare, unwordly, lots of books,philosopher, spent $ from his friends on books, only wanted to study, short/to the point//lofty, gladly learn and teach
sergeant of the law
man of reverence, his sayings were so wise, high position and fame, many a noble robe and fee, busy man, less busy than he seemed, dictate defenses or draft deeds, knew of every statue, silken belt of pinstripe stuff
medicine, surgery, natuaral magic, charms and magic effigies, humor and condition, physician, apothecaries, drugs, prescribe, digestives and nutritives, blood-red garments, gold stimulates the heart
woman of bath
somewhat deaf, making clothes, her kercheifs were finely woven ground, bold face/handsome, five husbands, been to jerusalemand rome, gap teeth, broad, large hips, laugh/chatted, knew dances
rich in holy thought, a learned man, clerk, wonderfully diligent, gave the teethe, rather give to poor parishioners, had houses far asunder, he did not set benefice to hire, stayed at home and watched over his fold, shepherd, never too proud or fine, never was a better priest
farmer, honest worker, good and true, loving god best, steadily about his work, helps the poor,for the love of christ he never took a penny, paid tithes when they were due and on his earnings too
in buying victuals he was never rash, bought credit or paid in cash. watched the market, illeterate fellow, he was better than his 30 masters, frugal, showed how to live dept free
he sang, cheery, trumpet, yellow hair, long hair, bulging eyes, had a holy relic cap, small voice like a goat, no beard, had a piece of the sail in his pillowcase, he had a cross of metal, relics, went to church, read and told lessons, got $ for singing at church
gave a great welcome, sevred them victuals, fit to be a marshal, eyes were bright, bold in speech, merry-hearted man, joked, talked to them and gave them a big talk
beard shaven closely, legs were lean, like sticks, no auditor could gain a point on him, judged the rain/seeds and grain, trusted with the animals(pigs, horses,etc.), he knew all the tricks, a better hand at bargains than his lord, pleasured his lord with gifts and loans, scot, had a rusty blade, also a carpenter
red fire cherubinish face, children were scared of his face, had pimples, was a crazy drunk, spoke latin when he was drunk, was a grentle scoundrel, wore a garland around his head
big in brawn and bone, broad, knotty, would boast, red beard like a sow or fox, had a wart, nostrils were big and wide, mighty mouth, had filthy tavern stories, stole grain, a thumb of gold, played bagpipes