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History Final Review

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Watch the video featuring author Eric Foner.
To what degree did ideas of freedom inspire English settlers in North America?
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The English believed that they were bringing freedom to the Native American population and rescuing them from the Spanish.
The English prided themselves on being exemplars of freedom.

The English were curious about the Native Americans' ideas of freedom and sought to incorporate them into English culture.
The English believed that the inhabitants of the New World posed a threat to their freedom, so they sought to conquer them.
Luther wanted to stop the sale of indulgences, which granted forgiveness in exchange for a fee.
Luther wanted all Christians to read the Bible for themselves, not rely on interpretations from a priest.
Luther accused...
Luther suggested that natives were treated too kindly, and that all natives should be forced to join the Catholic Church at any cost.
The Europeans competed with each other, trying to amass as many native converts to their specific religion as possible.
Europeans sought wealth in the New World, initially relying on natives for either trade or labor.
The invention of printing made it possible for Europeans to share information and follow in each other's sailing paths.

Natives tended to welcome Europeans and never regretted it.
Freedom was associated with individual ownership of property.
Individual freedom was prioritized over group needs.
Specific freedoms were outlined in formal laws.
Moral behavior was directed by a written code of laws.

Families "owned" the right to use land.
They supported the idea of freedom of religious choice
Family ties and kinship were prioritized over individual needs.
to combine their fighting forces to defeat other native tribes in the area
to form an alliance against European invasion

Because the tribes were unable to agree on the terms of the unification, the idea was abandoned.
to more effectively isolate and quarantine themselves from European diseases