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The declaration by the Church that a marriage is null and void, that is, it never existed as a sacramental union. Catholics who divorce must have the marriage annulled by the Church to be free to marry once again in the Church.
Intentionally preventing pregnancy from occurring
faithfulness; loyalty
Fruitful Love
love that is life-giving, because it is free, total, and faithful
unable to be destroyed; lasting, forever
Natural Family Planning
A morally acceptable way to time pregnancies based on the observation of a woman's naturally occurring times of fertility and infertility
Nuptial Blessing
The nuptial blessing sanctifies the marriage covenant of the bride and groom. It takes place after the couple gives their consent to be married.
Covenant vs. Contract
A covenant is a promise to God which is forever. Unlike a contract, when a covenant is broken the covenant is not void, but instead one works to repair the damaged relationship with God.
3 Vows of marriage
Permanence, Fidelity, Openness
What are different bonds of marriage?
Love, Legality, Financial, Sexual, Emotional
Which Bond is permanent?
Grounds for annullment
Fraud, consent not freely given, lack of knowledge, lack of willingness, lack of ability, one has to be present at the marriage.
1. Eternal gods love for humans
2. Eternal commitment of christ and church
Husband and wife mimic
Jesus and the church
White dress symbols
1. Brides desire to leave previes life
2. Ntimate connection between eucahrist, sacrament kf mstrimony.
Who ministers the sacrament of matrimony
Husband and Wife
How did Jesus feel about divorced?
You can divorce for good reason, like abuse or adultery, and the later remarry, but you cannot divorce someone to marry someone else.
Basic unit of church
Why did they call it a domestic church?
It imitates so closely the relationship jesus had with the church.
2 purposes of sex in marriage
Unity, procreation
Contraceptives vs NFP
Contraceptives disrupt the natural state of the body while NFP does not.