L.A. quiz 3

corrugated (adj.)
shaped into ridges and grooves
suspicious (adj.)
to cause questionable doubt or mistrust
malingering (verb)
to pretend to be ill or unwell in order to avoid work
tread (noun)
a manner or the sound of walking
radiating (verb)
to spread rays, light, or good and bad bad feelings
immaculate (adj.)
completely clean: without any blemish and free of mistakes
protruding (verb)
to stick out or project from a surface
resentment (noun)
a bitter and indigent feeling about something (or an act of something)
desolation (noun)
an unhappy condition
incredulous (adj.)
not believing someone, showing disbelief
derisive (adj.)
showing content and/or ridicule
disdain (noun)
to look down at someone (not physically)
ravenous (adj.)
very hungry (extreme)
exasperate (verb)
irritate intensely (infuriate, annoy)
chivvy (verb)
tell repeatedly to do something