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Apush Chapter 23 Test Questions

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President James Garfield was assassinated by
A mentally unstable disappointed office seeker
The great railroad striker of 1877 revealed
The growing threat of class warfare in response to the economic depression of the mid 1870's
The first Chinese immigrants to the U.S came primarily
To work in the gold fields and on the railroads
The Supreme Court's ruling in Plessy vs. Ferguson upholding "separate but equal" public facilities in effect legalized
The system of unequal segregation between the races
Which of the following was not among the changes that affected African-Americans in the South after federal troops were withdrawn in the Compromise of 1877?
The forced migration of black farmers to the North and West
In the key trade featured in the Compromise of 1877
Republicans got the presidency in exchange for the final removal of federal troops from the South
The primary goal for which all factions in both political parties contended was
The political system of the "Gilded Age" was generally characterized by
Strong party loyalties, high voter turnout, and few disagreements on national issues
Westerners and farmers who attacked the "Crime of '73" were calling for
The coinage of more silver money to stop DEflation (they wanted inflation)
The depression of the 1870's led to increasing demands for
Inflation of the money supply by issuing more paper currency
Besides the Democrats, the third party that backed Horace Greeley against Grant in the election of 1872 was
The Liberal Republican Party
Grant's greatest failing in the scandals that plagued his administration was
His toleration of corruption and his loyalty to crooked friends
The Credit Mobilier Scandal involved
Railroad corporation fraud and the subsequent bribery of congressmen
Boss Tweed's widespread corruption was finally brought to a halt by
The journalistic expo(zays) of the NY Times and cartoonist Thomas Nast
Financiers Jim Fisk and Jay Gould tried to involve the Grant administration in a corrupt scheme to
Corner the gold market
During the Gilded Age, most ambitious and talented people
Went into business rather than going into government
Cleveland's attempt to lower tariffs created
The first real political issue between the 2 parties in some time
The Republican party in the post-Civil War era relied heavily on
The political support of veterans's groups, to which it gave substantial pension benefits in return
The Cleveland-Blaine campaign of 1844 was conducted
Based on personal mudslinging rather than issues
By reducing politicians' use of patronage, the new civil-service system inadvertently made them dependent on big campaign contributers
Western hostility to Chinese immigrants arose
In part because they provided a source of cheap labor and thereby competed with white workers
The sharecropping and tenant farming systems
Forced many Southern blacks into permanent economic debt and dependency
The Compromise of 1877 purchased political peace between North and South by
Sacrificing southern blacks, who lost the protection of federal troops in the South
The disputed Hayes-Tilden elected was settled by a political deal in which Democrats got the presidency and Republicans got economic and political concessions
The battles beween the "Stalwart" and "Half-Breed" Republican factions were
Mainly over who would get patronage and spoils
The close, fiercely contested elections of the Gilded Age reflected the deep divisions between Republicans and Democrats over national issues
The severe economic downturn of the 1870's caused
Business failures, labor conflict, and battles over currency
The political mistakes of the Liberal Republicans caused them to fail
The scandals of the Grant administration included bribes and corrupt dealings reaching to the cabinet and the vice president of the U.S
Ulysses Grant's status as a military her enabled him to function successfully as a president above partisan politics