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Rational exponent

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Product property of roots
The square root of a product equals the product of the square roots of the factors.
Quotient property of roots
The square root of a quotient is equal to the quotient of the square roots.
product of powers property
This property tells us how to simplify products that have two powers, and the same base. This property says that for all m and n, and all nonzero b, bm bn= bm+n. This allows us to group factors with the same base.
quotient of powers property
to divide two powers with the same nonzero base, subtract the exponent of the denominator from the exponent of the numerator
power of a power property
Multiply the power outside the parenthesis by the power of each base inside the parenthesis
power of a product property
find the power of each product and multiply
power of a quotient property
to find a power of a quotient, find the power of the numerator and the power of the denominator and divid
A group of numbers, variables, geometric figures, or just about anything. Sets are written using set braces {}. For example, {1,2,3} is the set containing the elements 1, 2, and 3.
member of a set
Elements of the set of intergers are also elements of the set of rational numbers.
term used in algebra to give real numbers of a given equation either in addition, multiplication or division.
rational number
A number that can be written as a/b where a and b are both integers and b does NOT = 0.
irrational number
Any real number which cant be expressed as a fraction of two integers
natural numbers
The set of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, ... Also called counting numbers.
whole numbers
1,2,3,4, etc. a number that is not broken up into a part of a number
Positive and Negative Whole Numbers and 0. Examples: .... -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3.....(Does not include fractions or decimals)