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Chapter 10 Congress


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to be distributed, as in the seats in the House of Representatives
A legislature consisting of two parts, or houses
Censure (in Congress)
punishment to member for bad behavior
The residents of a congressional district or state.
Court Packing
Where FDR tried to add more members to the Supreme Court to pass his programs.
Special spending projects that are set aside on behalf of individual members of Congress for their constituents.
franking privilege
Benefit allowing members of Congress to mail letters and other materials postage-free
Process of redrawing legislative boundaries for the purpose of benefiting the party in power.
the current officeholder
A person who is employed by and acts for an organized interest group or corporation to try to influence policy decisions and positions in the executive and legislative branches.
pork barrel
the use of government funds for projects designed to please voters or legislators and win votes.
Reapportionment Act of 1929
act that provides for a permanent size of the house and for the number of seats, based on the census, each state should have
The drawing of new electoral district boundary lines in response to population changes.
single-member district
An electoral district in which voters choose one representative or official.
zero sum politics
A situation in which a gain by one person or side must be matched by a loss by another person or side.
Main function of Congress
make laws