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  1. accommodation
  2. habituation
  3. kinesthetic sense
  4. vestibular sense
  5. blind spot
  1. a an area of the retina lacking visual receptors.
  2. b a decrease in perceptual response to a repeated stimulus.
  3. c the senses of body movement and positioning.
  4. d changes in the shape of the lens of the eye.
  5. e the senses of balance, position in space, and acceleration.

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  1. the purported ability to perceive events in ways that cannot be explained by known capacities of the sensory organs.
  2. voluntarily focusing on a specific sensory input.
  3. perception of a stimulus below the threshold for conscious recognition.
  4. smell.
  5. when eye has more than one focal point, parts of vision are blurry.

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  1. top-down processingusing preexisting knowledge to rapidly organize features into a meaningful whole.


  2. parapsychologythe study of extranormal psychological events, such as extrasensory perception.


  3. phantom limban airborne chemical signal (seen among animals for mating, etc.).


  4. retinathe light-sensitive layer of cells at the back of the eye.


  5. iriscolored circular muscle that controls the amount of light entering the eye.


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