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  1. anosmia
  2. illusion
  3. absolute threshold
  4. sensory coding
  5. taste bud
  1. a changing important features of the world into messages understood by the brain.
  2. b loss or impairment of the sense of smell.
  3. c the minimum amount of physical energy necessary to produce a sensation... ex. tick of watch under quiet conditions, bee wing falling on cheek, drop of perfume in apartment, etc.
  4. d the receptor organ for taste.
  5. e a misleading or distorted perception.

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  1. visual receptors for dim light that produce only black and white sensations.
  2. the strict relationship between the distance an object lies from the eyes and the size of its image.
  3. changes in the shape of the lens of the eye.
  4. the purported ability to perceive events in ways that cannot be explained by known capacities of the sensory organs.
  5. the part of the electromagnetic spectrum to which the eyes are sensitive.

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  1. irisfocuses images on the light-sensitive layer.


  2. divided attentionvoluntarily focusing on a specific sensory input.


  3. blind spotloss or impairment of the sense of smell.


  4. kinesthetic sensethe senses of body movement and positioning.


  5. trichromatic theorysays that there are 3 types of cones, each sensitive to either red, yellow, or blue...any other color is a combination of these 3.