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  1. opponent-process theory
  2. illusion
  3. trichromatic theory
  4. sensation
  5. Muller-Lyer Illusion
  1. a a misleading or distorted perception.
  2. b two equal-length lines tipped with inward or outward pointing V's appear to be of different lengths.
  3. c information arriving from the sense organs creates this.
  4. d says that vision analyzes colors into "either-or" messages (red/green, yellow/blue, black/white).
  5. e says that there are 3 types of cones, each sensitive to either red, yellow, or blue...any other color is a combination of these 3.

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  1. when eye has more than one focal point, parts of vision are blurry.
  2. center part of the cochlea, containing hair cells, canals, and membranes.
  3. information surrounding a stimulus.
  4. nearsightedness, long eyeball, can't focus on distant objects.
  5. proposes that pain messages pass through neural "gates" in the spinal cord.

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  1. sensory adaptationa decrease in sensory response to an unchanging stimulus.


  2. depth cuesthe receptor organ for taste.


  3. depth perceptionperceptual features that impart information about distance and 3D spaces...two types: monocular/binocular.


  4. blind spota misleading or distorted perception.


  5. foveacolored circular muscle that controls the amount of light entering the eye.