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  1. frame of reference
  2. fovea
  3. context
  4. size-distance invariance
  5. apparent-distance hypothesis
  1. a information surrounding a stimulus.
  2. b the strict relationship between the distance an object lies from the eyes and the size of its image.
  3. c tries to explain moon illusion in saying that the horizon seems more distant than the night sky.
  4. d internal standards for judging stimuli.
  5. e an area at the center of the retina containing only cones.

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  1. analyzing information starting with the small sensory units and building upward to a complete perception.
  2. when you must divide your mental effort among tasks.
  3. sensations produced by the skin, muscles, joints, viscera, and organ of balance.
  4. proposes that pain messages pass through neural "gates" in the spinal cord.
  5. study of the relationship between physical stimuli and the sensations they evoke in a human observer... What is the

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  1. Muller-Lyer Illusiontwo equal-length lines tipped with inward or outward pointing V's appear to be of different lengths.


  2. olfactionsmell.


  3. accommodationchanges in the shape of the lens of the eye.


  4. place theorythe mental process of organizing sensations into meaningful patterns.


  5. extrasensory perceptionthe purported ability to perceive events in ways that cannot be explained by known capacities of the sensory organs.