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  1. apparent-distance hypothesis
  2. visual acuity
  3. gate control theory
  4. trichromatic theory
  5. rhodopsin
  1. a says that there are 3 types of cones, each sensitive to either red, yellow, or blue...any other color is a combination of these 3.
  2. b the sharpness of visual perception.
  3. c light-sensitive pigment in the rods.
  4. d proposes that pain messages pass through neural "gates" in the spinal cord.
  5. e tries to explain moon illusion in saying that the horizon seems more distant than the night sky.

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  1. an area at the center of the retina containing only cones.
  2. changes in the shape of the lens of the eye.
  3. the senses of body movement and positioning.
  4. loss or impairment of the sense of smell.
  5. the change in stimulus intensity that is detectable to an observer.

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  1. gustationtaste.


  2. perceptual learningchanges in perception that can be attributed to prior experience.


  3. sensory codinga decrease in sensory response to an unchanging stimulus.


  4. Young-Hemholtz Theoryproposes that pain messages pass through neural "gates" in the spinal cord.


  5. nerve deafnesspoor transfer of sounds from the eardrum to the inner ear.


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