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  1. depth cues
  2. selective attention
  3. anosmia
  4. perception
  5. astigmatism
  1. a perceptual features that impart information about distance and 3D spaces...two types: monocular/binocular.
  2. b when eye has more than one focal point, parts of vision are blurry.
  3. c voluntarily focusing on a specific sensory input.
  4. d loss or impairment of the sense of smell.
  5. e the mental process of organizing sensations into meaningful patterns.

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  1. the amount of change needed to produce a JND is a constant proportion of the original stimulus intensity.
  2. the purported ability to perceive events in ways that cannot be explained by known capacities of the sensory organs.
  3. damage caused by exposing the hair cells to excessively loud sounds.
  4. says that vision analyzes colors into "either-or" messages (red/green, yellow/blue, black/white).
  5. the sharpness of visual perception.

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  1. just noticeable difference (JND)any noticeable difference in a stimulus.


  2. habituationtaste.


  3. nerve deafnessdeafness caused by damage to the hair cells or auditory nerve.


  4. conduction deafnessinability to perceive colors.


  5. hair cellsreceptor cells in the cochlea that transduce vibrations into nerve impulses.