APUSH Ch. 19 Terms

Harriet Beecher Stowe
author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Hinton Helper
author of The Impending Crisis of the South, which tried to prove through statistics that hillbilly whites are hurt the most by slavery
Beecher's Bibles
breech-loading rifles popular in the time of the Civil War
border ruffians
voters who came into Kansas to create a pro-slavery legislature and then left
John Brown
abolitionist who came to Kansas and killed 5 supposed pro-slavery men just for funsies
Pottawatomie Creek
sight of John Brown's massacre
Lecompton Constitution
ploy to protect slave owners in Kansas by limiting the vote of the people; in the end it didn't allow slavery
Charles Sumner
leading abolitionist and senator who was highly disliked for his personality
Preston Brooks
Congressman who beat Sumner for insulting him
James Buchanan
Democratic presidential candidate (winner) in 1856
John C. Fremont
Republican presidential candidate in 1856
American Party
same as the Know-Nothing Party, they hated immigrants
Dred Scott
slave living in Illinois who sued for freedom and created a landmark Supreme Court case that defended slavery
Roger B. Taney
chief justice on the Dred Scott case
Freeport Doctrine
idea from Stephen Douglas that even if the Supreme Court allowed slavery in a state, the people could vote it down
Harper's Ferry
sight of John Brown's attempted slave riot
Robert E. Lee
man who captured John Brown at Harper's Ferry
John C. Breckenridge
Southern Democratic candidate for election in 1860
John Bell
"compromise" candidate from the Constitutional Union Party in 1860
the split of the Southern US from the Union
Jefferson Davis
president of the Confederate States of America