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Evaluation and Management Services; Anesthesia

What does the PFSH stand for?

Past Family Social History

Which of the following is true about the E/M section?
a. It has 21 subsections
b. It is the first section of the CPT manual
c. It is used by more medical specialties than any other section
d. All of the above

d. All of the above

The three key components to E/M codes are:

History, examination, medical decision making

True or False: New patient codes only require two key components to be documented in the medical record.


The amount of time spent with a patient is/is not one of the three factors of Medical Decision Making?

Is Not!

A patient who has been admitted to a hospital is called a/an?


What is the total number of body areas and organ systems that comprise the Review of Systems?


Which of the following options is NOT considered a contributing factor in E/M code selection?
a. Time
b. Counseling and coordination of care
c. Nature of the presenting problem
d. Test results evaluated by the physician

d. Test results evaluated by the physician

Three options is which are elements of the History of Present Illness (HPI)?

Location, severity, and timing

Three factors to selecting an E/M code are:

POS, TOS, patient status

What does POS mean?

Place of Service

What does TOS mean?

Time of Service

When does the time for anesthesia services begin?

When the anesthesiologist begins preparing the patient to receive anesthesia. NOTE - key word is preparing!

What type of nurse can administer anesthesia under the direction of an anesthesiologist?


What is Modifier 23 used to report?

Unusual anesthesia

In the Anesthesia section of the CPT manual, the procedure codes are divided first by which of the following?

Anatomic Site

What is the type of sedation that allows a procedure to be performed without pain to the patient, but the patient is not completely asleep?

Conscious or moderate

What is the anesthesia formula for reimbursement?

B + T + M x conversion factor = payment

Which codes begin with the number 99 and are used to indicate anesthesia services provided during situations that make the administration of the anesthesia more difficult?

Qualifying circumstances

What is the correct term for the anesthesia status modifier that indicates the patient's condition at the time anesthesia was administered?

Physical Status

An expanded problem focused examination must:

Document the affected body area and/or organ system and other related body area(s) and/or organ system(s)

What is the abbreviation for the book used to determine unit values for anesthesia payment?

RVG (Relative Value Guide)

Which patient status modifier is used for a patient who has a severe systemic disease that is a constant threat to life?


What is the correct code for the anesthesia service provided to healthy 9-month-old during an omphalocele repair?

00754-P1, 99100

What is a conversion factor?

A dollar amount used to calculate anesthesia payment

What would the correct coding sequence be for anesthesia services provided by an anesthesiologist during an Embolectomy preformed on an artery of the right upper arm of an 80-year-old patient has severe systemic disease?

01772-P3-AA, 99100

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