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St. Sernin

Grand Scale reflects the popularity of pilgrimages and of the cult relics, which brought large crowds
Plan closely resembles those of the churches of Saint James at Santiago de Compostela and Saint Martin at Tours
Design is extremely regular and geometrically precise.

Sant' Ambrogio

In honor of Milan's first bishop: Saint Ambrose
Is the central monument of Lombard Romanesque architecture

St. Etienne

Begun by William the Conqueror- buried there 1087
Original design had wooden roof
Sexparite vault-divided in 6 sections

Pisa Cathedral

Dramatically testifies to the prosperity that busy maritime city enjoyed
Free-standing bell-tower
Funded by the spoils of a naval victory over the Muslims
Incrustations-wall decoration consisting of bright panels of different colors

Christ in Majesty, St. Sernin

Carved lintel over the doorway to the church of Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines
Depicts Christ enthroned in a lobed mandorla (glory) supported by angels and flanked by apostles.
To the left of Christ- the 1st and last letters of the alphabet to show he is the beginning and the end

Giselbertus, Autun Cathedral Tympanum

Judgment is in progress, announced by four trumpet-blowing angels
Large Christ with souls awaiting their fate under him


(nave)A continuous barrel vault supported by columns painted to appear like grained marble covers the nave
Structure lacks both tribune gallery and clerestory, but has an absence of a direct light source

Initial R with St. George

Initial letter og the salutation Reverentissimo
Opening of Gregory's letter to "the very reverent" Leandro.

Bayeux Tapestry

Embroidered fabric made of wool sewn on linen.
Borders are populated by the kinds of real and imaginary animals found in contemporaneous books, and its pictures are often accompanied by an explanatory Latin text sewn in thread.

Abbey Church of Saint-Denis

St. Dionysis- apostle that brought Christianity to Gaul; died a martyr's death.
Housed the saint's tomb.
Carolingian basilica
Became too small to accommodate the pilgrims

Chartres Cathedral

Destroyed by a fire
To unite 3 doorways, sculptors carved episodes of Christ's life on the capitals

Chartres Floor Plan

Rectangular nave bays replaced the square bays with six-part vaults and the alternate-support system.

Royal Portal, Chartres

"Royal Portal"- named because of the statue columns of kings and queens flanking its 3 doorways.

Portal Jambs, Chartres

Statues of Old Testament kings and queens decorating the jambs flanking the doorways of the Royal Portal
Royal ancestors of Christ and supports the New Testament figures

Chartres Nave

The High gothic vault had only 4 parts
Architect aligned identical; units so that viewers saw them in too rapid a sequence to perceive them as individual volumes of space.

Notre Dame

Occupies a picturesque site on an island in the Seine River called the Ile0de-la-Cite.
Complicated building history- wasn't completed all at one time; parts were completed after long periods of time.
Originally was 4 stories

Amiens Cathedral

Concept of self-sustaining skeletal architecture reached full maturity
Example of French Gothic obsession with constructing ever taller buildings

Reims Cathedral


Sainte Chapelle

Built by Luis IX
Served as a respitory for the crown of thorns and other relics of Christ's possession
Stained glass covers more than ¾ of the structure


Appear to be completely detatched from background
Portrays St. Elizabeth visiting the virgin Mary before the birth of Christ

The Virgin of Paris

• Example of Late French court style
• Portrayed as a very worldly queen

Saint Maclou Cathetral

• A masterpiece of Flamboyant style
• Church is tiny- only about 75 ft. high and 180 ft. long

Dedication Page

• Has a costly gold background and depicts Blanche and Louis enthroned beneath triple-lobed arches and miniature cityscapes

Salisbury Cathedral,

• Embodies the essential characteristics of English Gothic architecture
• Completed in 40 years
• Height is modest compaired to other structures of the time

King's College Chapel


Death of the Virgin

• A comparison of the Strasbourg Mary on her deathbed with the Mary of the Reims Visitation suggests the the German master has studied the recently installed French jamb statues
• 12 Apostles gather around
• Mary Magdalene crouches beside the deathbed

Ekkehard and Uta

• Statues are attatched to columns and stand beneath architectural canopies, following the pattern of French Gothic portal statuary

Purse Cover

Early Medieval Art; decorated with cloisonne-enamel plaques.
2 center groups rep. eagles attacking ducks, interlace

Animal-head post, from the Oseberg Ship burial

Early Medieval Art; express dynamic energy of northern sea rovers.

Chi-Rho-Iota Page, Book of Kells

Hiberno-Saxon Art; Abbriviation for Christ. first word in latin sentence says "Now this is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about."

Saint Matthew, Lindisfarne Gospels

Hiberno-Saxon Art, compared to scribe ezra from the Codex Amiatinis.

St. Matthew, Ebbo Gospels,

Carolingian Art; Ebbo replaced coronation with an energy that amounts to frenzy and the frail saint almost leaps under its impulse

Crucifixion cover of the Lindau Gospels

Carolingian Art, gold, precious stones, and pearls. Depicts youthful Christ on cross in repousse. Moon and son represent Virgin Mary and st.john

Odo of Metz, restored plan of the Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne

Carolingian Art resembles San Vitale's. Simple plan.

Plan of the Abbey of St. Gall,

Carolingian Art; Schematic plan for a benedictine community. provided a coherent arrangement of all the building. shows modular aspect

St. Michael's at Hildesheim, interior and floorplan

Ottonian Art; shows how the 2 transepts create eastern and western centers of gravity. Nave-hall that connects them. Modular approach. 4 towers/flat ceiling.

Doors of Bishop Bernward, St. Michael

Ottonian Art; colossal- more than 16' high. narrative reliefs- OT stories on left. NT stories on right. Most ambitious bronze process since antiquity.

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