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Adopting and sticking sigh healthy behaviors like regular exercise or sound nutrition as part of your lifestyle

Stage of change

The level of motivational readiness to adopt a specific health behavior

Personal factors

Factors that are related to healthy lifestyle adherence but not typically under personal control

Predisposing factors

Factors that make you more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle

Enabling factors

Factors that help you carry out your healthy lifestyle plan

Reinforcing factors

Factors that provide encouragement to maintain healthy lifestyles for a lifetime

Self confidence

The belief that you can be successful at something

Self efficacy

Confidence that you can perform a specific task

Short term goals

Statements of intent to change a behavior or achieve an outcome in a period of days or weeks

Long term goals

Statements of intent to change behavior or achieve a specific outcome in a period of months or years

General goals

Broad statements of your reasons for wanting to accomplish something

Behavioral goal

A statement of intent to perform a specific behavior for a specific period of time

Outcome goal

A statement of intent to achieve a specific test score associated with good health, wellness or fitness

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