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connective tissue covering entire muscle


covers outside of epimysium

muscle fasciculi

visible bundles composed of muscle fibers that make up the whole muscle


connective tissue that covers muscle fasciculi

muscle fiber

make up the fasciculi; also known as a muscle cell


connective tissue layer that covers muscle fibers


cytoplasm of the muscle fiber


threadlike structure composed of myofilaments that extends the length of the muscle fiber

actin myofilaments

thin myofilament that looks like a string of pearls


provides calcium attachment sites; part of actin myofilament


exposes calcium attachment sites; part of actin myofilament

myosin myofilament

thick myofilament; looks like golf clubs


basic structural and functional unit of skeletal muscle; smallest part that can contract on its own

Z line

beginning and end of a sarcomere

I band

light zone; has actin only; shortens during contraction

A band

dark zone; has both actin and myosin overlapping

H zone

center of sarcomere; space between actin; disappears during contraction; second light zone

M line

middle of sarcomere


cell membrane of muscle fiber

T tubules

connects sarcoplasmic reticulum

sarcoplasmic reticulum

specialized smooth ER; high calcium concentration

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